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NOA seeds: make flours for celiacs and vegans

A teacher at UNSA, with a NOA seed project and added value, won the Molinos Innova award in Buenos Aires.


 Carolina Curti  is a nutritionist and professor at the National University of  Salta . He won the competition of      Molinos Innova    for the creation of a sourdough with native seeds from the NOA. His project,  Andean Flours,  is outstanding for its innovation. The elaboration process makes it have nutritional values and is suitable for  celiacs  and  vegans  . It is achieved from the germination and fermentation of seeds of the NOA.

Curti summed up the entire experience lived: “The experience was wonderful.” She traveled to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with her project to produce a mass through seeds originating in northern Argentina. The teacher and researcher worked with local producers and with this she generated data for the faculty. Through these data,  they discovered  that added value could be given to production through the seeds of the NOA.

The project aims to produce breads and pasta, giving them a nutritional value. The product obtained is considered suitable for celiacs and can also be consumed by vegans. The seeds used as  raw  material for the dough are amaranth, quinoa, cañihua and tarwi. These are germinated, fermented and converted into powder for insertion into the industry.

 The work team 

The scientist has been working for 13 years with Andean crops. Researchers  Paula Costas Czarnecki , nutritionist and teacher at UNSA, and  Ramiro Curti , a researcher at  CONICET , make up his team. Researchers from  Brazil  and from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral also collaborate. All were protagonists in determining the value of NOA seeds to produce flours for the consumption of celiacs and vegans.

The teacher at UNSA said: “I work with Andean crops from my degree thesis and I am already about to receive my doctorate.” Curti is responsible for food technology, while Costas Czarnecki is responsible for social development and direct links with producers. His brother, Ramiro Curti, works throughout the agronomy sector.

The scientist said this development of NOA seeds means “launching an indigenous product into the country so that they know and use it.” The teacher at UNSA warned that, in Argentina, we need to take advantage of what we have in our region to generate a circuit between the industry and the product and the consumer.

Source:  The Tribe  n  o 

Publication Date: 28/11/2019

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