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My son the dotor, my son the actor

A very mobilizing experience, where the future of young people is at stake

When a teenager turns 17, everything becomes a revolution, even more so than it was his or her secondary. We have to decide on a university degree, a profession, a job, and this confronts us with the challenge of clarifying our vocation. Traditional careers have the advantage of prestige and long-term demand. That well-known "My son, the doctor". However, things have changed in that regard. Young people should reflect on their personal skills, values, interests, expectations and the time and effort they are willing to devote. The career choice process requires detailed information on existing careers and, if it does not meet expectations, to explore other areas further afield. And that's where "My son, the actor" or the singer or the video game designer comes in. It is a very mobilizing experience because the future of these young people is at stake and because of their need to find a place to develop their own skills while enjoying the training process. It seems like all we can do is accompany. Such a decision must not be random, impulsive or under mandate. Accessing the information will facilitate the choice, to make it sustainable, lasting and above all, happy.

Publication Date: 18/06/2018

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