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Launched an app for self-diagnosis of coronavirus

Mendoza introduced an app that allows people to know if their symptoms are compatible with coronavirus or not.


In Mendoza,  an app is now available that allows you to perform a self-diagnosis against suspicion of having contracted   coronavirus . It is important to mention that, for now, it is only  available for Android  but, according to official sources, it will also be compatible with other operating systems in the near future.

Its name is  CoTrack, Mendoza takes care of you  and, while the result is not definitive, it allows the person to know if they have compatible symptoms.  If self-diagnosis is at high risk, you should contact your family doctor or social work. If you do not have coverage, you can call 0800 800 26843 (COVID). 

The main objective of the app is  decongestion of the health system . It is that, often, people with mild symptoms arrive, which may well be the product of a common flu or a cold. In fact, people who do have coronavirus characteristics are taken care of late.

Under the name Mendoza te Cuida, the initiative emerged from different sectors of civil society, in order to unify efforts around the  prevention, detection and monitoring of coronavirus. It combines the integrated work of health and technology professionals with the support of companies, institutions  and the Government of Mendoza.

In addition, users who download the app will be able to receive news directly sent from the Government of Mendoza. Also, it will be available to all Mendoza the page take care of, where the operation of the application will be explained and there will also be updated information on the methods of prevention of coronavirus.

To download the app from Android click here 

 How to use it? 

Download the app, place your phone number, complete the self-diagnosis with sincerity and responsibility.

If you have high risk, call 0800 800 COVID (26843) or the private health service you have. You can also download the app from the page: Mendoza takes care of you .

Publication Date: 08/04/2020

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