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Geo information and satellites guard native forests

Chaco uses top-notch technology to take care of its natural resources. The Geo information system is powered by satellite imagery.


The province of  Cha  c  or  is the only one that has a specific unit for this type of remote sensing service. It is called the Geo Information System and works on the generation of information for different technical agencies and academic institutions. There is also a direct participation of other branches of State.

Undersecretary of Natural Resources Luciano Olivares stressed that the Geo Information System obtains satellite images and processes them. This occurs in the center located in the former Cosecha building in Sáenz Peña.This allowed the detection of an illegal removal north of the Rio Muerto and allowed the kidnapping of a bulldozer.

The Geo Information Centre regularly analyzes information from Landsat, Spot, Sentinel and Resourcesat satellites. This makes it possible to know permanently the progress of permits authorized by the Forests Authority and also to detect illegal activities.

 The information is crossed 

All the information generated is intersected with the digital documentation provided by forestry and agronomists in the presentation of projects. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is generated, thereby corroborating that jobs are executed correctly. Each project and execution must comply with the authorized  technical  plans. In the case of verifying excesses or off-limits activities, it acts quickly and activities are stopped. This is done in conjunction with the control and control department to stop the activities.

 Early warning system 

They have a work scheme in which the entire forest mass of the Chaco is monitored. Geo information when detecting an area of affected  forests  , uses information from the provincial cadastre and the person responsible is identified. A file is formed that will allow the team of lawyers and inspectors to enter the premises and stop illegal clearance. This early warning system is working in an articulated manner with the Secretary of Environment of the Nation (Sayds). Sayds regularly submits reports that are documented and processed by the Provincial Forest Authority.

 Forest monitoring 

In 2019, the Undersecretariat for Natural Resources opened a  web  space for free access to information on forest loss on an annual and quarterly basis. The aim is for society to know the situation of native forests and to have this type of public information, said Olivares. In this way the Geo information system does not work alone, but does so in conjunction with the State and society.

Source:  Diario Norte 

Publication Date: 26/11/2019

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