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From Cordoba to NASA

In full quarantine we can travel the world, from Cordoba to NASA. A journey through the knowledge that has its point of origin in La Docta.

NASA Space Apss Challenge

 This is the International NASA Space Apss Challenge, an event that invites us to travel the world of virtuality, technology and the latest advances.  In the middle of the pandemic specialists  from all areas  and around the world are still connected. The connection is between specialists from  more than 230 cities,  leading us to learn through a  virtual and intercultural experience. 

Where, how, when, what?

 The province of Córdoba is once again one of the venues   of this mega event that takes place every year around the world.  This edition will take place on October 2, 3 and 4.  In view of the quarantine situation  , it will be carried out virtual, in the  Business Incubator of the National University of Córdoba.  The meeting is organized by UNC, with the support of  Insitituto Gulich, the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), INVAP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Córdoba. 

The aim of these meetings is to  present solutions to different challenges proposed by NASA,  using  satellite and scientific information,  along with other open data sets. The idea is to  work in interdisciplinary teams  among the enrolled, seeking the resolution of specific problems. Thus, the different participants acquire unique skills, in addition  to gaining recognition internationally . This type of intercultural work  is of great help and become  an  impetus for research. 

As in each edition, we expect the participation of  technologists and technologists, communicators and communicators, researchers and researchers from different disciplines  such as  Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Informatics, Agronomy, Engineering,  among others. others. Generating not only a space of  interculturality  but also appealing to  transdisciplinarity,  as it is expected that there will be  a fruitful crossing of knowledge  .  Children from the age of 13 may also participate,  always accompanied by their father or mother.

Hackathon is a term that has its origin in  the software and hardware industry,  as a  marathon between programmers for solving various problems.  But the concept  is now applied in other areas , because of its obvious success, it began to be used to develop innovative solutions.

In this case,  the different challenges are already available on the official Space Apps Challenge website  and their translation, available on the Córdoba website.  Two winning teams will be chosen  taking into account the impact, creativity, feasibility, relevance and presentation  of each project, which will then compete  in the global instance . In the 2019 edition,  about 30 thousand people from all over the planet participated,  and  more than 2 thousand projects were generated for solutions from various branches of scientific knowledge.  It is a marathon that puts people of all ages to compete  for    generate technological advances  and results that impact globally. 

Support for these types of events from the National University of Córdoba is essential to  position ourselves in the scientific field worldwide.  In addition, it is a  unique experience for students who are encouraged to participate.

The axis

 “ Acting” is the theme of this 2020 edition  and the proposals are proposed in six categories:  

“Observe”, which consists  of tool design challenges that make observation data more accessible  for scientists and scientists,  decision makers and the public .

“Inform”, which invites you to see the data of the Space Agency with new eyes and  create effective means to engage the wider community on  scientific issues.

“To sustain”, which seeks to answer different questions such as  what measures can be taken to sustain our planet  so that it is habitable for future generations? And how can human life be sustained in the harsh conditions of space?

“Create”, which seeks that those involved in the challenges of this category imagine, build and create awareness through works of art, hardware or new technology. 

“Confront”, in which  a challenge must be chosen to address a variety of problems at the local, national and/or global level.  This category seeks to answer how can technology serve us as a tool for change?It tries to focus on  natural disasters and social and economic inequality. 

“Connect”, generates challenges in which methods to communicate with each other  and analyze the complex networks of people and ideas that contribute to the  agency's missions space on Earth and space. 

Let's go now!

Publication Date: 02/10/2020

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