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Do they find the cure in Cordoba?

The UNC and its Blood Derivatives Laboratory develop treatments that could be the solution to COVID-19 positive patients. We tell you what it is.

coronavirus laboratorio

 The Laboratory of Blood Derivatives of the  National University of Córdoba   is facing the pandemic. It puts all its workers to research to generate a solution to this global situation. Its researchers, chemists, biochemists, physicians and all the laboratory equipment  provide their knowledge  in order to generate  a response against the advancement of COVID-19.  So they intend to develop an  antibody concentrate that would serve to treat patients with the virus.

The idea of developing an antibody concentrate is hopeful, as it could  generate successful results . However, much remains to be worked. There are still points where the virus does not let it be decrypted. And that complicates the processes of production of a remedy or solution. This proposal comes into play several state institutions, which  support any initiative that attempts to fight the virus.  The  Ministry of Health and the National  Blood System , for example, work in conjunction with the Blood Derivatives Laboratory. This project is also supported by other institutions. In this regard, like  the arrangement of quarantine , this work  is a common project . I mean,  collective responsibility.  Because it depends on the small contributions that  everyone, from his place , can make.

 We are the solution 

The necessary contributions, above all, are  raw materials.  For the development of antibodies, scientists need to  have   positive COVID-19 blood samples.  Since it is essential to be able to develop the necessary experiments and tests. The treatment that is committed is to  carry out convalescent plasma transfusions  from those who have already recovered from the disease, to those who suffer it. Plasma is the resulting serum after removing red blood cells, platelets, or other cellular components from the blood. This  liquid essential  for the development of a solution contains salts, antibodies and proteins. It has been used for several years in the  treatments of different diseases.  Especially with immunosuppressive patients.

This treatment also worked  at the end of the 19th century,  as a response to hemorrhagic fever in Argentina. However, it was not maintained over time, as a vaccine was quickly developed. This is not the case with this pandemic. That is why  all patients recovered from the coronavirus are quested from the Blood Derivatives Laboratory to donate blood.  Because your participation  is key  to being able to carry out this treatment. Donating these people could save lives.

Let's stay home. And let's give blood, to take care of each other.

Publication Date: 15/04/2020

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