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Colonia + Science, a Fueguina proposal for the kids

The colonies that invoke science are the new proposal in summer holidays for the little ones. Rio Grande already has his!

Colonia + Ciencia

The school break is coming and most parents only have a few weeks of vacation to enjoy with the family. This is how holiday colonies appear as the great option for  children  to spend some time outdoors. The goal of the holiday colony is to keep children away from the screens.

However, there are different and very interesting alternatives to the typical “colony” that can be quite a find. Especially since  more and more children are attracted to science and technology . That's how the Tech Colonies appear on stage. Playful spaces that invite the kids to connect with their creative side, have fun and  learn  something new. Using innovative disciplines such as programming, robotics and video games, in the tech colonies are combined game and technology.

 Seedlings of the future 

A pioneer in the field,  Id Tech  is one of the first holiday colonies specializing in science and technology. It is located in Silicon Valley, the technological epicenter of the United States. It focuses on the development of skills that can serve the future work of the boys.  The various programmes,    aimed at children and young people between 7 and 19 years, they focus on various areas .  For example, design, programming, robotics and development of video games.

Argentina has also installed the trend of Colonia Tech, among which Tecnokids stands out. This initiative offers courses developed in collaboration with Google, Lego and YouTubeedU, leaders in today's technology and education industries. The different proposals are aimed at boys between 6 and 16 years old. With them,  workshops are held in programming,  robotics , science, video games, 3D printing, among others . Thus, it seeks to enhance the reasoning and cognitive skills of young people and encourage the work of the team.

 Science and technology colonies in Tierra del Fuego 

 In Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego province, the Tech 2020 Colonies propose to learn by playing about new technologies . The proposed robotic nuclea, 3D design, games, experiments, programming and augmented reality.

The activities are aimed at boys and girls from 7 to 13 years of age. The undersecretary of New Technologies and Smart City, Martín Porcel, explained the objectives of the Technological Colonies. The idea is to “complete the range of options available for this summer. Also bring the kids in a playful way to what is the development and knowledge of new technologies. All in order to narrow the digital divide.”

 SOURCE:   Télam 

Publication Date: 25/01/2020

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