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Argentina reached the record for approval of biotech crops in 2018

Countries such as Brazil and the United States are world leaders in agricultural innovation and, with these approvals, Argentina is in a position closer to that of the neighbouring country.

Argentina alcanzó el récord de aprobación de cultivos biotecnológicos en 2018

Argentina reached the record approval of biotechnology crops for agriculture this year, with a total of nine, which are above six in 2016, and put the country in tune with Brazil, the other leader in agricultural innovation in the region. According to a survey conducted by Telam based on official information, during this year nine biotechnology crops were approved, 50% more than the previous record, which dates back to 2016. The level achieved partly responds to the momentum given by Luis Miguel Etchevere's arrival in the  agro-industrial portfolio. The previous record, which included the approval of six events, as they are called, were much less innovative and risky. “They were pending last year and did not involve much movement or risk, so this year is even more important,” said sources consulted by Telam. The events that were approved are “more innovative and disruptive, such as potato, alfalfa and chymosin.

This management assessed that there was low commercial risk and they were innovative products for Argentina,” they said. Countries such as Brazil and the United States are world leaders in agricultural innovation and, with these approvals Argentina is put in a position closer to that of the neighboring country. “Today we are somewhat far, but closer to Brazil, which always has a steady pace in the approval of events,” they said in Agroindustria, and considered that “Argentina has to have a policy with a more steady pace.” Among the main approved events are a safflower from the Argentine company Inear, which produces bovine chymosin, an agri-food enzyme for cheese production. This is the first event of its kind approved in the world. The most important thing of the year was the approval for the first time of an event only for  industrial  and food use, but without sowing, which gives more aacute; s flexibility to import and process grains in the country; a genetically modified alfalfa to the Indear company; definitive approval for Tecnoplant virus-resistant potato  Conicet  and a new drought-tolerant and glyphosate  soy  , also from Indear. Among the events that are submitted and remain to be approved are three, which have favourable opinions in 2 and up to 3 of the instances necessary to be deregulated. It is soysoy resistant to herbicides and drought, alfalfa and wheat HB4, also from Indear. Precisely, this wheat, the first genetically modified in the world, caused great expectation in producers for yields achieved in water stress scenarios in a year where drought negatively affected agricultural production.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 26/12/2018

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