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A Morón school in the NASA magnifying glass

Students and teachers from a Morón school developed an application that aroused NASA's interest. What is it about?

Argentines are tired of saying that if we want we can, that  the human resources of our country have enormous value  (largely thanks to the free secondary and university education, which thanks to the struggle of those who make up the system always manages to  avoid privatizing attacks of neoliberal governments ), which is in our hands to move towards a better future.  And students and teachers at a school in Morón (and  NASA ) seem to confirm these claims .

The research, product of the work of the members of the educational community of the   National Institute of Civil Aviation  , has to do with the proliferation of algae. The specific product is an app, which, after going through several intermediate steps, will compete globally in the  International Space Applications Challenge , organized by the prestigious US space agency.

What is the application that NASA is interested in?

The application, named “Alquid”, already has the support of monsters such as  IBM, CISCO and Telecom . Thanks to the huge database it manages and the search engine and organization of that information, you can predict  where, when and at what speed algal bloom will form , biological phenomena that severely affect marine life.

Students of the INAC

The good thing about the application is that the database is  collaborative : users take a picture that the system saves and tags (which will then cross data with  NASA  itself and the  National Weather Service  ). The recognition that brought them to this definitive instance has to do with the  “good use of data” .

Participating students are (because it is good that the whole country knows their names, the least we can do to encourage them to continue working) Tiago Romanelli, Santiago Noya, Juan Pais, Priscila López, Mateo Battilana, Damian Ponce and Gastón Rodríguez. The teachers who formed the team and guided the students are Facundo Serrano, Gabriel Casas and Alejandro da Costa. In addition, as an external consultant, Air Force Volunteer Alina Mercado worked.

The finalists will be released in December. Cross your fingers. And to refinance research related to Science and Technology, because in order for human resources to bear the fruits we all hope,  it is necessary that they can have a dignified life .

Rating: 3.50/5.