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Jujuy: Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage

Today we want to tell you the traditions of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage that have been relieved in the
tradiciones del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Argentino
| 05 November, 2019 |
For some

time now, the Ministry of Culture has been carrying out the survey of Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a tool to collect and share information about the cultural manifestations that form part of the identity of communities in Argentina. Traditional ways of doing, naming, producing or celebrating that continue to be practiced, that are passed on to the new generations and that contribute to strengthening collective ties. Today we want to tell you the ones that have been relieved so far in the province of Jujuy.

Joker Earring

Fiesta Grande de la Nación Guaraní in the provinces of Jujuy and Salta, which is currently celebrated on the dates of Carnival. It is a celebration that vindicates the Ñande Reko or unity and respect for the people. It is a reunion with the ancestors, with whom we share kawi (sacred and ceremonial drink), perform various dances in round and use masks. Its realization coincides with the moment when the abatí (corn) matures.

Day of the Dead Saints

Commemoration that families make to relatives who died on 1 November. Begin with the invocation of their souls in the cemetery and are invited to approach their homes, where they are waiting relatives and neighbors with offerings arranged in a specially set with your favorite foods and drinks, coca, cigarettes and breads with forms of pigeons, crowns, stairs, dolls, etc. open all day to neighbors, friends and family. Next day the soul departs, and the table rises, distributing the offerings among the present.

Doctrines of Holy Week

Groups of women and girls accompanying during Good Friday, singing and sobbing, the reading of the Holy Scriptures in the locality of Yavi, fulfilling the religious precepts of the Catholic Church. Doctrines are moved from neighboring villages to participate in the celebration. Girls from the age of 12 are prepared by teachers who at some point were also part of the practice.

Fairs in honor of Santa Anita

Devotion to the patron saint of workers, miners and women in childbirth is deeply entrenched throughout the province of Jujuy. Every 26 in July, to honor the Santa, fairs are installed where Miniature cities with the name “Republic of Santa Anita” and reproduce different institutions (eg civil registry, church, bank, police). The ones visitors exchange real money at the Bank of Santa Anita for money in Miniature for buying food, sweets, dough and all kinds of small objects. The activities are carried out in an atmosphere of fun throughout the day.

Manca Fiesta

The Manca Fiesta or “Feast of the pots” is one of the oldest meetings of the inhabitants of the Puna Jujeña. In the month of October and for several days, hundreds of fairground, coming from all regions of the province and southern Bolivia, meet in the Quiaca to practice the barter of their products having the possibility to access those that do not produce locally. During the Festival, in addition to “trocar”, can also be purchased.

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