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Argentine rugby, through the FUAR, needs everyone's support to collaborate with players who have suffered injuries practicing the sport.
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FUAR jugadores que han sufrido lesiones practicando el deporte.
23 January, 2020

The team and staff of Los Pumas received at the facilities of the Club Newman de Benavidez the FUAR (Foundation of the Argentine Rugby Union).

Ignacio “Nacho” Rizzi, General Manager of the FUAR, briefly told his personal story. And how was born the idea of creating the Foundation within the Argentine Rugby Union.

The meeting had as its main objective that all the members of the selected to know in detail the actions that the FUAR has been carrying out since the 2015 for the seriously injured Argentine rugby.

Players listened carefully to the words and at the end of the talk the question arose: What is it like to be a FUAR member? Nacho explained what are the improvements in the quality of life received by the injured since the accident and for life. Thanks to donations from your partners. “… You can enter, button “I want to donate” and choose the economic sum you want per month. It’s very simple.” Rizzi concluded.

This year, the Organization launched the TRY 1000 campaign. It aims to reach the 1000 partners. “Today we are far away but with the support of the Pumas and all of Argentine Rugby we are convinced that we will succeed…”. The manager is finished.

The Foundation thanked Mario Ledesma (Head Coach), Nicolás Fernandez Miranda (Coach) and Gonzalo “Chalo” Longo (Sports Manager of the Pumas). For the invitation to the rally of our National Rugby Team. And continued support for it.

If Los Pumas support, you can’t be less!

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