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In the village 21-24 of Barracas, there is room for hope

The NGO Pilares carries out various programs to help people in vulnerable situations.
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26 January, 2020

In villa 21-24, Barracas neighborhood, just 10 minutes from the city center of the City of Buenos Aires, live more than 50 thousand people in extreme vulnerability. Children, adolescents, youth and adults, all with violated rights and much of their needs unmet.
It is in that context that NGOs often appear to try to help those who often lose hope.
This is the case of Pilares, who has worked for almost 10 years with the families of the village, carrying out actions to promote their integral development and improve their quality of life.
To this end, Pilares works with three programmes: the CONIN Barracas Centre, to prevent child malnutrition; the “Pilarcitos” Early Childhood Centre, to promote the healthy development of children aged 1 to 3; and the Educational Programme, aimed at strengthening the comprehensive education of 100 children aged 6 to 13.
You can be part
Of some of the needs that exist, normal and maternized milk powder 1 and 2 is a priority for families participating in the CONIN Barracas Centre.
Volunteers, willing to provide something as valuable as their time, are also needed to help those who need it so much.

For further information on this work, please contact 11 5037 7726 or write to

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