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The owners of the silver- Part III

His destiny: Argentina. The reason: to run away from his own monster. How and why, many of Europe's great fortunes
Historia 48
15 December, 2019

A good part of society Argentina, had shown itself permeable to Nazi paraphernalia. In the meant, in the Old World, the ancient Pangermanic hope had to reach the most plain of the German people to be able to ignite. How to do it?

Adolf Hitler, in principle, would not seem the best candidate to be funded by a group of millionaires who wanted to put backGermany on the map of the world . He was a member of the Workers’ Party, he was very unattractive and had a speech too exaggerated.

None of this, however, turned out to be an obstacle. On the contrary. It was, paradoxically, that grotesque oratory ofHitler, overflowing with a certain exaggerated mimic, the same that embodied the most finished product imagined by the designers of the Nazi party.

The war industry was the only industry that grew up in the Nazi period. This is why the link between his origins and the figure of Thyssen is inevitable. In this respect, the idea that the Third Reich was designed from investors who saw Hitler the solution to his problems is not new. “The Challenge of the 21st Century”, by Godson, Denial and Wirtz (New Brunswick and Transaction Publishers, 2002), refers to this topic. It suggests that Nazism probably emerged from a careful study of what we would now call political marketing.

It is no coincidence that, until 1928, witnessing an act whereHitlerwas the main speaker, was actually likegoing tosee an actor coming out of the screens of silent cinema. With those gestures, the only substantial difference between him and the silent artistswas that all his speeches were especially amplified. He used state-of-the-art speakers. It is often said that if it were not for the microphonie paid by patrons like Richthofen, Thyssenand Epp, Hitlerwould never have reached the masses.

Attention to this, it would be impossible to define such a process as a conspiracy, because in reality it was an unfortunate political construction. The group organized a new and original force using nefarious resources, but not alien to other movements of their time. For example, he was in charge of building an enemy. Jews, Masons, Communists and even homosexuals incarnated minorities for Nazism capable of perverting society.

Sigfrido and Brunilda, a song corresponding to an opera by Wagner, according to a interpretation by Brewer. These figures were widely used by the Reich. Hitler and his associates knew that without propaganda, his movement would have been diluted. At least it would not have reached the magnitude it proved to have. Otherwise names like Goebbels or Himmler would never have interfered with history. The incursion into the media and its influence on German society would not have been possible without the millionaire investments of its partners in publications such as “the Attacker” of the National Publishing House of Wilhelm Härdel in Nuremberg.

Germany, worn out by the political and economic swings, entered into new social disputes. Quickly, the doers

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