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The man who, disobeyed, obeyed Saint Martin

Álvarez Condarco, street name and other public goods. But behind a name is a man. His story has to do with St. Martin.


José Antonio Álvarez Condarco, one of the men of San Martín. One of the pawns that the  Liberator  used to put together the best play of that chess game that was the  liberating game.- Yeah .  Within the framework of what was called the “Zapa War”, a concept that includes all the decisions, movements and strategies that are taken before the battle begins, but that are undoubtedly part of it.  Alvarez Condarco was a perfect subordinate and an insightful spy.  

 Alvarez Condarco 007 

The Mendoza was entrusted by Saint Martin for his memory and precision. Perfect qualities for the task that was asked of him:   cross the Cordillera de Los Andes  on foot and memorize every detail that the road presented , so that later the Army of Los Andes knew where he had to cross to meet the goal of freeing Chile from  Spanish forces .

José Antonio departed through Paso de los Patos, in the province of  San Juan . And  he was collecting information permanently, but only in his head . He didn't want to risk being found with papers and maps that served as evidence against him. He arrived in Santiago, there was waiting for him by Spanish authorities, to whom he showed the declaration of independence of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. Obviously, the message did not fall very well in the Spanish dome,  and the envoy was quickly returned, and by the shortest path, the one that today connects   Villavicencio with Uspallata  . Then I had another way to memorize.  

The result is known. The  Army of Los Andes  used those two and three more steps to cross the Andes Mountains and liberate Chile.  The contribution of Álvarez Condarco was recognized by San Martín and all the authorities.  


So obedient and good subordinate was José Antonio that, telling the story,  one day San Martín asked him to stand in the door of the powder room and not to let anyone in who did not have the right  clothing  .It's just that a rose of spurs could ignite a spark that would blow up the entire enclosure .  A man of his  word , Álvarez Condarco stood there as a statue roll when, the next day,  San Martín wanted to enter. The guard denied him entry , told him he was not dressed properly. St. Martin insisted, but he stood firm in his position. The next day,  the General recognized him first and foremost by the Army , in honor of his obedience.

Publication Date: 14/08/2020

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