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The day Belgrano and San Martin met in Yatasto

Two great liberators who shared the command of the patriotic armies face to face in a fact that marked Argentine history.

 Posta de Yastato

The  Posta de Yastato  is an ancient building located in the province of  Salta  and known for being the host of  important historical meetings  in the times of the first dependence argentina.  This rural house from the colonial era has imprinted on its walls indelible moments of the history of our country. It was a place traveled by the armies of the country and repeatedly visited by General  Manuel Belgrano.  Also the space where the creator of the flag handed over the command of his forces to  José de San Martín. 

After creating the cockade, on February 18, 1812, and the Argentine flag, on February 27, 1812, the Government of Buenos Aires asked  Belgrano  to move north to lead the armies. The general arrived at the Posta de Yatasto, where he received command from  Juan Martín de Pueyrredón. 

At that time, the postas were properties that were placed at the disposal of the Government, even the neighbors contributed cattle and horses so that they were then issued a receipt and then received a contribution for it. Yatasto belonged to the  Vicente Toledo y Pimentel family, who supported the patriotic cause by offering 1300 horses and 100 cows to the auxiliary army. Here was one of the most valued historical moments by the Argentines: the meeting of the two great military chiefs. 

Between 18 and 21 January of that year, San Martin  and Belgrano met between the Posta de Yatasto and the Estancia de los Carob. On January 18,  the Second Triumvirate decided that San Martín would remain in charge of the Patriotic Army and that Belgrano would cease in that function.  However, the delay in the news caused Belgrano to continue his work until 30 January and even ordered San Martín to return to Tucumán and ask for recognition as second in command.

When San Martín returned to the province of Tucumán, he was annotated of his new appointment, which Belgrano recognized and proceeded to transfer the command of the militias to him. This occurred in San Miguel, where part of the army was located. 

Historians say that this was the first time they both met in person. However, they knew each other from before because  they had maintained communication through letters,  which generated a sense of esteem and respect.Belgrano knew that the Army was in good hands, that the countrymen could be removed from the slavery in which they lived, because both shared the  ideal of serving the common good of the country. 

The Yatasto Post

Since 1950 it functions as a museum that allows an incredible experience,  a journey through time and the paths of our greatest patriots.  In addition, La Posta hosted Martín Miguel de Güemes,  a military and politician whose figure is one of the most recognized and valued by the people of Salta. 

With lime bleached adobe walls, this hacienda features a high balcony and carved wooden doors. In 1942 it was declared a  National Historic Monument . The construction preserves the furniture and some objects that allow us to reconstruct and evoke historical events that marked the path of the  country's independence. 

Above the construction hangs a plaque that says: “Saint Martin and Belgrano met for the first time in this house, in January 1814, agreeing military genius and self-denial - the verb of American emancipation”.

Publication Date: 25/09/2020

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