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Puerto Gaboto: the place where our history began

Puerto Gaboto is an emblem town of our history that hides our most remote past and that was forgotten and
Vista aérea Puerto Gaboto
31 December, 2019

Puerto Gaboto is a coastal town ofSanta Fethat is bathed by the waters of two rivers: Coronda and Carcarañá. One of the most incredible and forgotten stories of our land is hidden by its dirt streets and its tranquility. It holds the beginning of our own history and that of the whole of South America.

“ In our tradition, in which soil weighs more than blood, the first historical event in our territory was the foundation of the Fort in 1527,” wrote Amadeo P. Soler in his book Puerto Gaboto. It was founded on June 9, 1527 by Genoese Sebastián Gaboto, sent by King Charles I of Spain, the grandson of the Catholic Monarchs.

Sebastián Gaboto carried out this expedition with three ships and with the promise to find a step towards the other Ocean, which would discover years then Fernando de Magellan.

The story of this Genoese sailor would have gone unnoticed had it not been for Ruiz Días de Guzmán, who in 1610 wrote a poem called “Argentina” and tried to rescue the history of the conquest and the Viceroyalty. It includes the story of Fort Sancti Spiritu and the legend of Lucía Miranda.

The Legend of Destruction

The story tells that, on one of Sebastián Gaboto’s ships, there was a very beautiful young woman named Lucía Miranda, who was recently married to Sebastián Hurtado, a soldier under the command of the Genoese.

Arriving in what is now Puerto Gaboto, the Spaniards build a small fortress and baptize it with the name of Fort Sancti Spiritu , where the first mass in these lands. For the first time, wheat is sown, almost as a premonition that seals the fate of what would be one of the agricultural and livestock provinces par excellence of our country.

The relationship with the Coronda Indians (name that gives rise to the river of the place) is very good and they establish a friendship of help, cooperation and cordiality. This is maintained for two years, in which the tribe of the Coronda collaborates with food, are guides in the Spanish expeditions and even offer men to defend the fort.

The plot becomes complex when one of the chieftains falls madly in love with Lucia Miranda and he wants her for him. She, a Spaniard of high quality and happily , explains to her that, according to her religion, she could be married only to a man, that was Private Hurtado, and that his heart belonged to him.

The chieftain insists with gifts and fills her with attentions and treats, but Lucía Miranda rejects him repeatedly, until the chieftain feels offended and decides to kidnap the woman and take her as his wife.

Puerto Gaboto

The attack

On December 10, 1529, the chieftains Siripo and Mangoré (who courted the young woman), with all their warriors, attacked the fort taking advantage of the departure of many Spaniards who had gone hunting, including Sebastián Hurtado , Lucia’s husband.

The attack takes the Spaniards by surprise and are easily destroyed and killed. In the brightness of the battle Siripus, brother of Mangoré, seeing the Spanish, falls in love with her and decides in the confusion of the assault, kill to his brother to stay

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