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Why is Saint Martin our ultimate hero?

These maxims define are foundations that we should all take as the basis of our actions.

¿Por qué San Martín es nuestro héroe máximo?

 Saint Martin  was the great Liberator of America. His military excellence is unanimously recognized throughout the continent and it was what led him to populate our squares with statues, to give names to our streets and neighborhoods, to have a privileged place in history books. But San Martin was much more than that. He was an integral man and was a father who fostered fundamental values in his daughter and, at the same time, left many teachings as a legacy for generations of Argentines who would come after.In 1825,  San Martín  drafted the maxims for his daughter Merceditas. It was a series of recommendations for his education, basic guidelines of conduct so that he could be handled in life when he was not there. These maxims, at a distance, define the man who was and are foundations that we should all take as the basis of our actions. Maximas of José de San Martín 

  1. Humanize character and make it sensitive even with insects that harm us. Stern said to a fly opening the window to come out, “Come on, poor animal, the world is too big for both of us.”
  2. Inspire love of truth and hate lies.
  3. Inspire great trust and friendship, but united with respect.
  4. Stimulate charity with the poor in Mercedes.
  5. Respect over the property of others.
  6. Get her used to keeping a secret.
  7. Inspire feelings of indulgence towards all religions.
  8. Sweetness with the servants, poor and old.
  9. Let me talk little and precise.
  10. Get her used to being formal at the table.
  11. Love of toilet and contempt for luxury.
  12. Inspire her love for the Fatherland and for Freedom.

Publication Date: 17/08/2018

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