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We didn't even agree for the May Revolution

Maybe what they tell us about the May Revolution wasn't so much.


The  myth of origin  of the  Argentine Republic  is, without a doubt, the  May Revolution  . But, while the symbol works, in fact, those who led his gesture did not agree with each other or end so well. The  May Revolution  was an unstable agreement between opposing tendencies. On the one hand, the most radical, with  Moreno  and  Castelli  at the head. On the other, the most conservative:  Saavedra , Alvear, Pueyrredón. Within the historical revisionism so in vogue, some authors claim that the conflict between the president of the  First Junta ,  Cornelius Saavedra , and one of the secretaries,  Mariano Moreno , somehow anticipated the historical struggles between unitary and federal. And everything that came after.It happens that the  wars of  independence   were necessary to achieve the but  once the revolution had triumphed, the inmates began to emerge, the revolutionary climate was warm and the previous  status quo  returned halfway. It is not for nothing that  Saavedra  accused  Moreno  of being “an evil Robespierre” and that the latter saw Cornelius as “a second part of Liniers”, that is, a new viceroy continuing the administration  colonial .

Just a few years after our mythical  May 25 , the main drivers of the  Revolution begin to be placed in the dock of the defendants. By 1812,  Moreno  had already died suspiciously on the high seas;  Castelli  was ordered to return to Buenos Aires to be tried for his misdemeanours, as did  Balcarce  ;  French  ,  Berutti  and  Rodríguez Peña  , who were active in the opposition, see his freedom threatened; and even  Belgrano  must be held accountable for his campaign in Paraguay. In spite of everything, the  myth  still works. As for what went on behind, it also continues to be part of what  we are today .

Publication Date: 19/06/2018

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