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Not even for the May Revolution did we reach an agreement

Maybe what they tell us about the May Revolution... it wasn't like that.

The myth of origin of the Argentine Republic is, without a doubt, the May Revolution. But, while the symbol works, in fact, those who led its way did not agree so much with each other or end up so well. The May Revolution was an unstable agreement between opposing tendencies. On the one hand, the most radical, with Moreno and Castelli at the helm. On the other, the most conservative: Saavedra, Alvear, Pueyrredón. Within the historical revisionism so in vogue, some authors affirm that the conflict between the president of the First Junta, Cornelio Saavedra, and one of the secretaries, Mariano Moreno, somehow anticipated the historical struggles between unitarians and federalists. And everything that came after that. It so happens that the wars of independence were necessary to achieve the task of the first national government, but - once the Revolution had triumphed - the internal ones began to emerge, the revolutionary climate became warmer and the previous status quo returned halfway. Not for nothing is it said that Saavedra accused Moreno of being "an evil Robespierre" and that the latter saw Cornelius as "a second part of Liniers", that is, a new viceroy who continued the colonial administration. Very few years after our mythical 25th of May, the main promoters of the Revolution began to be put in the dock. By 1812, Moreno had already died suspiciously at sea; Castelli is ordered to return to Buenos Aires to be tried for his crimes, as are Balcarce; French, Berutti and Rodríguez Peña, who were members of the opposition, see their freedom threatened; and even Belgrano must be held accountable for his campaign in Paraguay. Despite everything, the myth still works. As for what happened behind us, it also continues to be part of who we are today. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Publication Date: 19/06/2018

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