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Happy birthday, democracy!

I was born in December 1983. I have - literally - the age of democracy.

I was born in December 1983. I have - literally - the age of democracy. I don't know what it's like to live under a dictatorship, but I grew up in a country that was just coming out of it. All the people who were here when I arrived were coming out of that, from the last one and the previous ones, from the many small democracies knocked down by blows. I suppose that, at that time, nobody was very sure that one day that newborn democracy would be 35 years old. But here we are. We don't live in the ideal country and we're a long way from that. It will be the fault of those who govern us (and governed us), although they say that each people has the government it deserves. Our democracy is not perfect - it may never be - but it is ours and it is valuable. 35 years is a lot and it's not that much. We have come a long way; we continue to make mistakes and mistakes, but with the hope of learning something along the way. Today we have a generation of kids who go out on the streets again to fight for what they think is right, and that's also very valuable. That is also part of the democracy that we managed to recover in this time. That's why, for those of us who were born in democracy and for those who saw it born, happy 35 years.

Publication Date: 10/12/2018

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