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Argentine Presidents - Roberto Marcelino Ortiz (1939 — 1942)

He was born in Buenos Aires on September 24, 1886. He died in Buenos Aires on 15 July 1942.


Synthesis - Biography

Jaime Gerardo Roberto Marcelino Maria Ortiz

He was born in Buenos Aireson September 24, 1886. He died in Buenos Aires on 15 July 1942.

Married to Maria Luisa Iribarne.

President of the Argentine Nation.

Vice-President: RAMON S. CASTILLO.

Mandate: February 20, 1938 to June 27, 1942 (died).


  • Creation of the National University of Cuyo.
  • Affirmation of Argentine neutrality in the Second World War.
  • Creation of the Commissions of School Assistance and of Museums, Monuments and Places Assistance, in 1938, to the Pan American Conference held in Lima.
  • Establishment of the National Gendarmerie.
  • Intervention to the Provinces of Buenos Aires, San Juan and Catamarca, after fraud was found in the Legislative Elections.
  • Support to national industry.
  • Foundation of the Graphic Archive of the Nation.
  • Sanction of Laws, commemorating the deaths of Manuel Belgrano and José de San Martín.
  • Establishment of the National Directorate of Military Manufacturing.
  • Restoration of the City Council of Buenos Aires.


  • Interior: Diogenes Taboada. Miguel J. Culaciati.
  • R.E.E. and Worship: José María Cantilo. Julio Argentino Pascual Roca. William Rothe. Enrique Ruíz Guiñazú.
  • War: Carlos Marquez.
  • Navy: Leon Scasso.
  • Farm: Pedro Groppo. Federico Pinedo. Carlos Alberto Acevedo.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Jorge Eduardo Coll. William Rothe.
  • Agriculture: José Padilla. Cosme Massini Ezcurra. Daniel Amadeo and Videla.
  • Public Works: Manuel Ramón Alvarado. Luis Alberto Barberis. Salvador, the Lord.

Source: Casarosada.gob.ar

Publication Date: 14/09/2019

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