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Argentine Presidents - Raul Ricardo Alfonsín (1983 — 1989)

Born in Chascomús, Buenos Aires, March 12, 1927. He died in Buenos Aires on 31 March 2009.


Synthesis - Biography

 Raul Ricardo Alfonsin  

Born in  Chascomús , Buenos Aires, March 12, 1927. He died in  Buenos Aires on 31 March 2009.

Married to Maria Lorenza Barreneche.

President of the Argentine Nation.


Mandate: 10  December  1983 to 8 July 1989.


  • Decrees to prosecute guerrilla leaders and military juntas.
  • Establishment of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (CO.NA.DEP.), with the task of relieving, documenting and registering violations of human rights, which will be subsequently presented in the report entitled “Never More”.
  • Cancellation of the so-called “self-amnesty law”, dictated by the military government.
  • Trial and conviction of military personnel, by civilian courts.
  • Enforcement of the Laws of  Endpoint and Due Obedience. 
  • New National Defence Act.
  • Economic plans (Southern and Spring), for  inflation control.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Signing of the Argentinean-Brazilian Integration Act.
  • Participation in the Contadora group, for peace in Central America.
  • Membership in the United Nations Security Council.
  • Non-binding popular consultation on the Beagle Channel dispute.
  • Treaty of Peace and Friendship with  Chile .
  • The
  • flourishing of cultural activity in all areas.
  • Elimination of censorship. Implementation of the National Literacy Plan and implementation of the National Pedagogical Congress.
  • Creation of the National Food Plan.
  • Enactment of the laws of  Divorce  Link and Shared Parental Authority.
  • Law on the transfer of the Capital to Viedma-Carmen de Patagones.
  • Creation of the Council for the Consolidation of Democracy.


  • Interior: Antonio Troccoli. Henry Nosiglia. Juan Carlos Pugliese.
  • Education and Justice: Carlos Alconada Aramburú. Julio Rajneri. Jorge Sabato. Joseph Gabriel Dumon.
  • HR: Dante Caputo. Susana Ruiz Cerutti.
  • Economy: Bernardo Grinspun. John Vital Sourrouille. Juan Carlos Pugliese.Jesus Rodriguez.
  • Health and Social Action: Aldo Neri. Conrad Storani. Ricardo Barrios Arrechea. Enrique Beveraggi
  • Work: Antonio Mucci. Juan Manuel Casella. Hugo Barrionuevo. Carlos Alderete. Ideler Tonelli.
  • Public Works and Services: Roque Carranza. Roberto Tomasini. Pedro Trucco. Rodolfo Terragno. Roberto Pedro Echarte.
  • Defense: Raul Borras. Roque Carranza. German Lopez. Jose Horacio Jaunarena.

Publication Date: 10/10/2019

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