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Argentine Presidents - Pedro Eugenio Aramburu (1955 — 1958)

He was born in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, on May 21, 1903. He was murdered, following his abduction, in Timote, on 1 June 1970.


Synthesis - Biography

He was born in Rio Cuarto,  Córdoba , on May 21, 1903. He was murdered, following his abduction, in Timote, on 1 June 1970.

Married to Sara Lucía Herrera.

President of the Argentine Nation  (de Facto) .


Mandate: November 13, 1955 to May 1, 1958.


  • Enforcement of the Constitution of 1853, through the decree annuling that of 1949.
  • Call for a General Constituent Convention, for a new constitutional reform.
  • Suspension of the Divorce Act Link.
  • Establishment of the National Institutes of Agricultural Technology ( I.N.T.A .) and Industrial Technology (I.N.T.I.), for agricultural and technological development.
  • The I.A.P.I. is dissolved, leaving agricultural exports in the hands of the National Grains and Meat Boards.
  • A loan is requested to finance imports from  Europe .
  • Entry to the  International Monetary Fund .
  • Bank deposits are denationalized.
  • Creation of the National Arts Fund, the National Film Institute and the Government House Museum.
  • The prohibition of functioning affecting entities such as the Argentine Scientific Society, the Colegio Libre de Segunda Teaching and the IFT Theatre is void.
  • University Autonomy is restored.
  • Commissioning of the first Argentine nuclear reactor.
  • Inauguration of the Usina de San Nicolás.
  • Application, in schools, of the first doses of the Salk vaccine, in the face of the violent epidemic of poliomyelitis.
  • Martial Law was applied after a military civic insurrectional movement and numerous people were shot.
  • Creation of the Company Ferrocarriles del Estado Argentino (E.F.E.A.).
  • Call for General Elections, with the prohibition of  Peronism .


  • Interior: Eduardo B. Busso. Laureano Landaburu. Carlos Alconada Aramburu.Angel Cabral.
  • Justice: Laureano Landaburu.
  • HR and Worship: Luis Podestá Costa. Alfonso de Laferre. Alejandro Ceballos.
  • Farm: Eugenio Blanco. Robert P. Verrier. Adalbert Krieger Vasena.
  • Finance: Julio Alizón Garcia.
  • Commerce: Julio Llamazares.
  • Industry: Alvaro Alsogaray.
  • Trade and Industry: Rodolfo Martínez. Julius Caesar Cueto Rua.
  • Education: Atilio Dell'Oro Maini.
  • Education and Justice: Carlos Adrogué Acdel Ernesto Salas.
  • Agriculture and Livestock: Alberto Mercier.
  • Public Works: Pedro Mendiondo.
  • Transport: Sadi E. Bonet.
  • Communications: Luis Maria Ygartúa. Angel H. Cabral.
  • Work and Forecasting: Raúl Carlos Migone. Horacio Aguirre Legarreta. Alberto F. Mercier. Tristan Enrique Guevara.
  • Army: Justo León Bengoa. Arthur Ossorio Arana.
  • Marina: Teodoro Hartung.Aeronautics: Ramon Abrahín.

Publication Date: 23/09/2019

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