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Argentine Presidents - Nicolás Avellaneda (1874 — 1880)

He was born in Tucumán on October 3, 1837. He died on the high seas on November 25, 1885.

nicolas avellaneda

Synthesis - Biography

 Nicolas Remigio Aurelio  Avellaneda  

He was born in  Tucumán on October 3, 1837. He died on the high seas on November 25, 1885.

Married to Carmen Nóbrega Miguens.

 President of the Argentine Nation .

Vice-President: MARIANO ACOSTA.

Mandate: October 12, 1874 to October 12, 1880.


  • Enactment of the Immigration and Colonization Act.
  • Creation of the Mint House.
  • Customs Act, increasing import duties on industrial products by 40%.
  • Significant growth of the railway network.
  • Strong reduction in public spending, firing employees and lowering their wages.
  • First export to Europe of cereals and sheep cattle preserved at 0 degree.
  • Foundation of the Military Geographic Institute.
  • Law for the occupation of indigenous territory up to the Negro and Neuquén rivers, initiating the so-called Desert Campaign.
  • Creation of the Governorate of  Patagonia .
  • Enactment of the Capitalization Law of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Inauguration of the Post Office and Telegraph House, started during  Sarmiento 's tenure; first public building with gas lighting.


  • Interior: Simon de Iriondo. Bernard of Irigoyen. Saturnino Laspiur. Sunday Faustino Sarmiento. Benjamin Zorrilla.
  • HR and Worship: Pedro A. Pardo. Bernard of Irigoyen. Rufino from Elizalde. Manuel Montes de Oca. Sunday Faustino Sarmiento. Lucas Gonzalez. Benjamin Zorrilla.
  • War and Navy: Adolfo Alsina. Julio Argentino Roca. Carlos Pellegrini.
  • Hacienda: Santiago Cortinez. Lucas Gonzalez, Norberto de la Riestra. Victorino of the Plaza. Bonifacio Lastra.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Onesimo Leguizamón. Jose Maria Gutierrez.Bonifacio Lastra. Miguel Goyena.


Publication Date: 15/06/2020

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