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Argentine Presidents - Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear (1922 — 1928)

He was born in Buenos Aires on October 4, 1868. He died in Don Torcuato, Province of Buenos Aires, on March 23, 1942.


Synthesis - Biography

 Maximum Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 

He was born in Buenos Aires on October 4, 1868. He died in Don Torcuato, Province of Buenos Aires, on March 23, 1942.

Married to Regina Paccini.

President of the Argentine Nation


Mandate: 12 October 1922 to October 12, 1928.


  • Law establishing the payment of wages in Pesos Moneda Nacional.
  • Foundation of the Argentine Geographic Society.
  • Inauguration of the Military Aircraft Factory in Córdoba. Enactment of the Act granting civil rights to  women .
  • Retirement laws for primary teachers and bank employees.
  • Organization of the Electoral Register, by law.
  • Inauguration of the Post Office and Telegrafos Palace.
  • Foundation of the House of Theatre and creation of the stable bodies of  Teatro Colón .
  • Law on Cooperative Promotion.
  • Strong impetus to agro-export policies and scientific research applied to agriculture.
  • Creation of the National Conservatory of Music “Carlos López Buchardo”.
  • Remarkable growth of the vehicle park.
  • Official Hour Decree.
  • Renovation of sea fleet units and installation of the Submarine Base in  Mar del Plata  and refurbishment of the Port of Quequén.
  • Signing of border agreements with  Uruguay , Chile and  Bolivia .
  • Sharply increased investments from the US.
  • Creation of the State Fridge.
  • Construction of the distilleries of  Y.P.F . in La Plata.
  • Beginning of construction of the second underground line of the City.
  • Beginning of the airport postal service with  Europe .
  • Inauguration of the Historical Museum of Luján.


  • Interior: José Nicolás Matienzo. Vicente Gallo. Jose P. Tamborini.
  • HR and Worship: Angel Gallardo.
  • War: Agustín Pedro Justo.
  • Marina: Manuel Domecq Garcia.
  • Farm: Rafael Herrera Vegas. Victor M. Molina.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Celestino Marcó. Antonio Sagarna.
  • Agriculture: Tomas Le Breton. Emilio Mihura.
  • Public Works: Eufrasio Loza. Roberto Marcelino Ortiz.

Publication Date: 10/09/2019

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