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Argentine Presidents - Justo José de Urquiza (1854 — 1860)

Born in Talar de Arroyo Largo, Entre Ríos on October 18, 1801. He was murdered in the San José Palace, Entre Ríos, on April 11, 1870.

Presidentes Argentinos - Justo José de Urquiza (1854 – 1860)

Synthesis - Biography

 Justo Jose de Urquiza 

Born in Talar de Arroyo Largo,  Entre Ríos  on October 18, 1801. He was murdered in the San José Palace,  Entre Ríos , on April 11, 1870.

Married to Dolores Costa.

President of the Argentine Confederation.


Mandate: March 5, 1854 to March 5, 1860.

  • Nationalization of the University of Córdoba and the Monserrat College
  • Foundation of the Colegio de Concepción del Uruguay.
  • Organization of Federal Justice.
  • Promotion of Colonization and Agricultural Development through the Promotion of Immigration.
  • Establishment of the General Administration of National Post Office.
  • Establishment of foreign customs in  Bahía Blanca ,  Rosario  and Parana.
  • Recognition of Independence by  Spain .
  • Start of relations with the Holy See.
  • Signing of the Pact of San José de Flores.
  • Creation of the National Bank of the Confederation.
  • Interior: Benjamin Gorostiaga. Santiago Derqui. Luis Jose de la Peña (interim).
  • HR and Worship: Juan María Gutierrez. Barnabas Lopez (interim). Luis Jose de la Peña
  • Guerra and Marina: Rudecindo Alvarado. Jose Miguel Galan.
  • Farm: Mariano Fragueiro. Juan del Campillo. Augustine de la Vega. Elijah Bedoya. Pedro Lucas Funes (interim).
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Santiago Derqui. Facundo Zuviría. Juan del Campillo. Pedro Lucas Fuentes.


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