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Argentine Presidents - Julio Argentino Roca (1880 - 1886)

He was born in Tucumán on July 17, 1843. He died in Buenos Aires on October 19, 1914.

Julio Argentino Roca

Synthesis - Biography

 Alejo Julio Argentino  Roca  

He was born in  Tucumán on July 17, 1843. He died in Buenos Aires on October 19, 1914.

Married to Clara Funes.

 President of the Argentine Nation .


Mandate: October 12, 1880 to October 12, 1886.


  • Enactment of Law 1420 on common, compulsory, secular, free and gradual education.
  • Promotion of agricultural and livestock exports.
  • Establishment of the Territories of  La Pampa ,  Río Negro ,  Neuquen ,  Chaco and  Formosa .
  • Signing of the Treaty of Limits with Chile in 1881, which granted Argentine rule over Patagonia and gives rise to the territories of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.
  • Construction of the Government House. Punishment of the Penal Code.
  • Nationalization of the University of Buenos Aires.
  • Foundation of the City of  La Plata , Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Beginning of studies for the construction of the Port of the City of Buenos Aires.
  •  Mining Code.
  • Inauguration of the Museum of Natural Sciences in the City of La Plata.
  • Enactment of the Civil Registration Act. Foundation of the National Hipotecario Bank.
  • Enactment of the Organic Law of the Municipality, which establishes the first communal government office of a mayor and a deliberative council.


  • Interior: Antonio del Viso. Bernard of Irigoyen. Benjamin Paz. Isaac Chavarria.
  • HR and Worship: Bernardo de Irigoyen. Victorino of the Plaza. Francisco J. Ortiz.
  • War and Navy: Benjamin Victorica. Carlos Pellegrini.
  • Hacienda: Santiago Cortinez. Juan Jose Romero. Victorino of the Plaza. Wenceslas Pacheco.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Manuel D. Pizarro. Edward Wilde.


Publication Date: 26/08/2019

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