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Argentine Presidents - Juan Carlos Onganía (1966 — 1970)

Born in Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, on March 17, 1914. He died in Buenos Aires on 8 June 1995.


Synthesis - Biography

 Juan Carlos Ongania 

Born in Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, on March 17, 1914. He died in  Buenos Aires  on 8 June 1995.

Married to Maria Emilia Green Urien.

President of the Argentine Nation (de Facto).

Mandate: 29 June 1966 to 8 June 1970.


  • Implementation of the “Statute of the Argentine Revolution”, above the National Constitution, and dividing the process into three stages: economic, social and political. Dissolution of the National Congress and the provincial congress.
  • Dismissal of the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.
  • Intervention in universities.
  • Revocation of nationalization and capital control measures.
  • Freezes of wages and devaluation of the national peso by 40 per cent.
  • All
  • political activity is prohibited. Enactment of the National Defence Act.
  • Maintenance of the pace of industrial activity, through important public works.
  • Start of works on the El Chocón-Cerros Colorados Hydroelectric Complex, Atucha Nuclear Power Plant and inauguration of the  El Nihuil  II Hydroelectric Dam.
  • Rejection of British arbitration for the dispute with Chile over the Beagle Channel. Enactment of the Compulsory Arbitration Act, which makes strikes conditional.
  • Call for peers in 1969.
  • Inauguration of the Santa Fe-Paraná Subfluvial Tunnel and the Balcarce Terrena Station; the first satellite transmission is carried out.


  • Interior: Enrique Martinez Paz William A. Borda. Francisco A. Imaz.
  • Justice: Carlos Alconada Aramburu. Conrad Etchebarne.
  • HR and Worship: Nicanor Costa Mendez. John B. Martin.
  • Economy: Jorge Salimei. Adalbert Krieger Vasena. Jose Dagnino Pastore.
  • Culture and Education: Carlos María Gelly and Obes. Jose Mariano Astigueta. Dart Perez Gilhou.
  • Social Welfare: Roberto J. Petracca. Julio E. Alvarez. Conrad Bauer. Carlos Consigli.
  • National Defence: Antonio R. Lanusse. Emilio Federico van Peborgh. Jose Caceres Monié.
  • Work: Jorge Salimei.Public Works: Luis María Gotelli.

Publication Date: 27/09/2019

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