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Argentine Presidents - José Figueroa Alcorta (1906 — 1910)

Born in Córdoba on November 20, 1860. He died in Buenos Aires on December 27, 1931.


Synthesis - Biography

 José Maria Cornelius of the Heart of Jesus Figueroa Alcorta 

Born in  Córdoba on November 20, 1860. He died in Buenos Aires on  December  27, 1931.

Married to Josefa Julia Bouquet.

President of the Argentine Nation (assumes after the death of  Manuel Quintana ).

Mandate: March 12, 1906 to October 12, 1910.

  • Regulation, by law, of the work of women and children.Oil Reserve Law, after the discovery of the important deposit in Comodoro Rivadavia .
  • Inauguration of the buildings of the  National Congress  and  Teatro Colón. 
  • Celebrations commemorating the centenary of the  May Revolution .
  • The railway network is increased by 50%, reaching 27,000 km of tracks.
  • Inauguration of the Trasandino Railway.Signature of a Protocol of Limits in the Rio de la Plata, with Uruguay.
  • Statement of the State of Siege.
  • I pardon those arrested by the 1905 revolution.
  • Growth of Telegraphy and inauguration of Transatlantic Cable to Europe.
  • Interior: Norberto Quirno Costa. Manuel Montes de Oca. Joaquin V. Gonzalez. Marco Avellaneda. Jose Galvez. Carlos Rodriguez Larreta.
  • HR and Worship: Manuel Montes de Oca. Stanislao S. Zeballos. Victorino of LaPlaza. Carlos Rodriguez Larreta.
  • War: Luis Maria Campos. Rosendo Fraga. Rafael Maria Aguirre. Eduardo Racedo.
  • Marina: Onofre Betbeder.
  • Farm: Norberto Piñero. Eleodoro Lobos. Manuel M. of Iriondo.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Federico Pinedo. John A. Bibiloni. Stanislao S. Zeballos. Romulus Naon.
  • Agriculture: Ezequiel Ramos Mexia. Pedro Ezcurra.
  • Public Works: Miguel Tedín. Carlos Maschwitz. Ezekiel Ramos Mexia.


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