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Argentine Presidents - Jorge Rafael Videla (1976 — 1981)

Born in Mercedes, Buenos Aires, August 2, 1925. He died in Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires on 17 May 2013.


Synthesis - Biography

 Jorge Rafael Videla 

Born in  Mercedes , Buenos Aires, August 2, 1925. He died in Marcos Paz,  Buenos Aires  on 17 May 2013.

Married to Alicia Raque Hartridge.

President of the Argentine Nation (de Facto).

Mandate: 29 March 1976 to 29 March 1981.


  • Dissolution of the National Congress, legislatures and municipal councils.
  • Removal of the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the provinces, the Attorney General of the Nation and the Treasury.
  • Constitutional guarantees shall be abolished.
  • Enforced disappearance of persons.
  • Suspension of political parties, trade union activities and the right to strike.
  • Salary freeze.
  • Intervention to the C.G.T.
  • Creation of the Legislative Advisory Committee (C.A.L.).
  • Liberalization of the  economy .
  • Reducing tariffs to favor imports.
  • Plan to stop inflation and stimulate foreign investment.
  • Intervention to the C.G.E.
  • Partial inauguration of a section of the Ferrovial Zárate-Brazo Largo Complex.
  • Declaration of nullity of the British arbitral award on the Beagle Channel dispute.
  • After strong tension, the Montevideo Act is signed with Chile, which calls for papal mediation in the dispute.
  • New Law on Professional Associations.
  • Modifications in the education system and suspension of the Teaching Statute.
  • Inauguration of the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex.
  • Inauguration of the color television broadcasting system.
  • The National and International Direct Dial system is implemented in telephony.
  • National Population and Housing Census.The World Football Championship is held.
  • Construction and inauguration of the 1st stage of the motorway network in the City of Buenos Aires.


  • Interior: Julio Albano Harguindeguy.
  • Justice: Julio Arnaldo Gomez. Alberto Rodriguez Varela.
  • HR and Worship: Cesar A. Guzzetti. Oscar A. Montes. Carlos Washington Pastor.
  • Economy: José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz.Planning: Ramón G. Diaz Bessone. Charles E. Laidlaw.
  • Work: Horacio Tomás Liendo. Llamil Reston.
  • Education: Ricardo P. Bruera. Juan J. Catalan. Juan R. Llerena Amadeo.
  • Social Welfare: Julio Juan Bardi. Jorge A. Fraga.
  • National Defense: José Maria Klix. David de la Riva.

Publication Date: 05/10/2019

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