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Argentine Presidents - Hipólito Yrigoyen (1916 — 1922)

He was born in Buenos Aires on July 12, 1852. He died in Buenos Aires on July 3, 1933.

Hipólito Yrigoyen

Synthesis - Biography

 Juan Hipólito del Sacred Heart of Jesus Yrigoyen 

He was born in Buenos Aires on July 12, 1852. He died in  Buenos Aires on July 3, 1933.

President of the Argentine Nation (first elected by Secret, Universal and Compulsory Ballot Act)

Vice-President: PELAGIO LUNA

Mandate: 12 October 1916 to 12 October 1922.

  • Reaffirmation of Argentine neutrality in the First World War.
  • Argentina's retirement in the League of Nations.
  • University reform and nationalization of the universities of the Litoral and  Tucumán .
  • Foundation of the Children's Trustees.
  • New Criminal Code of the Nation and amendment of the Civil Code with the Rental Act.
  • Strict controls on British railway undertakings and impetus to the construction of State Railways (promotion lines).
  • Creation of the Bernasconi Institute and the Raggio Schools.
  • Construction of the Spa and the first stretch of the Costanera Sur.
  • Regulation of home work.
  • Increase in primary education establishments throughout the country and a sharp decline in illiteracy.
  • Creation of the Institute of Historical Research of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts and the Ernesto de la Cárcova School of Fine Arts.
  •  Creation of Fiscal Oil Fields .
  • Inauguration of the first neighborhood built by the National Commission of Cheap Houses.
  • Interior: Ramon Gomez. Francisco Beiro.
  • HR and Worship: Carlos Becú. Honorio Pueyrredón.
  • War: Elpidio Gonzalez. Julio Moreno.
  • Marina: Federico Alvarez de Toledo. Thomas Zurueta.
  • Farm: Domingo Salaberry.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: José Santos Salinas.
  • Agriculture: Honorio Pueyrredón. Alfredo Demarchi. Eudoro Vargas Gomez.Carlos J. Rodriguez.
  • Public Works: Pablo Torello.

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