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Argentine Presidents - Arturo Frondizi (1958 — 1962)

Born in Paso de los Libres, Corrientes, on October 28, 1908. He died in Buenos Aires on 18 April 1995.


Synthesis - Biography

 Arthur Frondizi 

Born in Paso de los Libres,  Corrientes , on October 28, 1908. He died in Buenos Aires on 18 April 1995.

Married to Elena Faggionato.

President of the Argentine Nation.

Vice-President: ALEJANDRO GOMEZ (resigned in 1958).

Mandate: May 1, 1958 to March 29, 1962 (overthrow).


  • Developmental ideas are adopted as the basic policy of the Government.
  • Enactment of the Law on Professional Associations.
  • Signing contracts with foreign oil companies, achieving self-supply of hydrocarbons.
  • Argentine oil is exported for the first time in history.
  • Creation of Fiscal Coal deposits (Y.C.F.).
  • Freedom of education is declared, private universities are authorized and the Teachers' Statute is created.
  • Increase in the number of technical schools and redesignation as Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, of the Universidad Obrera Nacional, created in 1948. Expansion of foreign relations policy.
  • Policy on the establishment of foreign capital (whose main measures were the laws on foreign direct investment, industrial promotion and oil contracts).
  • Remarkable growth of the automotive industry, settling in the country several enterprises.
  • Opening to the world in the cultural field and creation of the University Publishing House of Buenos Aires (USA de B.A.) and the Di Tella Institute.
  • Inauguration of the steel mill General Savio, in San Nicolás, Province of Buenos Aires.
  • First launch of an aircraft built entirely in the country.
  • Concession is granted to the Italian Electricity Company, the company Servicios Eléctricas del Gran Buenos Aires (S.E.G.B.A.) and the Federal Council of Electric Energy are created.
  • Purchase of railway tractive material and suppression of various branches.
  • The CONINTES Plan (Internal State Concussion) was implemented to suppress the increasing number of student strikes and protests.
  • Projects for the construction of important public works, such as the El Chocon- Cerros Colorados dam and the Subfluvial Tunel that will link the cities of  Santa Fe  and  Parana .
  • The ban to  peronism rises.


  • Interior: Alfredo Roque Vitolo. Hugo Cow Narvaja.
  • Education and Justice: Luis Rafael Mac Kay. Michael Sussini (h).
  • HR and Worship: Carlos Florit. Diogenes Taboada. Adolfo Mugica. Miguel Angel Carcano. Roberto Etchepareborda.
  • Economy: Emilio Donato del Carril. Alvaro Alsogaray. Roberto Alemann. Arthur Coll Benegas. George Wehbe.
  • Social Assistance and Public Health: Héctor Noblía. Tiburcio Padilla.
  • Work and Forecasting: Alfredo Allende. David Bléjer. Guillermo Acuna Anzorena.Ismael Bruno Quijano. Oscar Puiggros.
  • Public Works and Services: Justo Policarpo Villar. Alberto Constantini. Arthur Acevedo. Jose Mazar Barnett. Pedro Pétriz.
  • National Defense: Gabriel del Mazo. Just Policarpo Villar. Rodolfo Martinez.
  • War: Hector Solanas Pacheco.
  • Navy: Adolfo Estevez.
  • Aeronautics: Roberto Huerta.

Publication Date: 24/09/2019

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