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Argentine Presidents - Alejandro Agustín Lanusse (1971 — 1973)

He was born in Buenos Aires on August 28, 1918. He died in Buenos Aires on 26 August 1996.


Synthesis - Biography

 Alexander Augustine Lanusse 

He was born in  Buenos Aires  on August 28, 1918. He died in Buenos Aires on 26 August 1996.

Married to Illeana Bell Bidart.

President of the Argentine Nation (de Facto).

Mandate: 26 March 1971 to  25 May  1973.


  • Initiation and execution of numerous infrastructure works. Enactment of the Decree-Law on Administrative Procedures, Commercial Companies and Tenders and Bankruptcy.
  • Establishment of the National Economic and Social Council.
  • Restoration of diplomatic relations with  China  and strengthening them with Latin American countries.
  • Creation of the System of Comprehensive Medical Care Benefits (P.A.M.I.).
  • Successive currency  devaluations  ; improvement in the external sector of the economy.
  • Call for the “Grand National Agreement”, to find a political way out of the regime.
  • The
  • lifting of the political ban and reinstatement of property to the parties.
  • Call for General Elections for March 11, 1973.
  • Transitional reform of the National Constitution, accompanied by new electoral legislation.
  • A fortnightly flight to the  Falkland Islands is agreed.


  • Interior: Arturo Mor Roig.
  • Justice: Jaime Luis Perriaux. Ismael B. Quijano. Gervasio Colombres.
  • HR and Worship: Luis Maria de Pablo Pardo. Edward F. Mac Loughlin.
  • Economy: Aldo Ferrer.Trade: Alfredo J. Girelli. Daniel Garcia.
  • Finance and Finance: Juan Alberto Quilici. Cayetano A. Licciardo. George Wehbe.
  • Agriculture and Livestock: Ernesto Jorge Lanusse.
  • Work: Rubens San Sebastian.
  • Education: Gustavo Malek.
  • Social Welfare: Francisco Manrique. Oscar Puiggros.
  • National Defense: José Cáceres Monié. Eduardo E. Obarrio.
  • Public Works and Services: Oscar Colombo. Oscar Chescotta.

Publication Date: 30/09/2019

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