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Argentine Presidents - Agustín Pedro Justo (1932 — 1938)

Born in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos, on February 26, 1876. He died in Buenos Aires on 11 January 1943.


Synthesis - Biography

 Augustine Pedro Justo 

Born in Concepción del Uruguay,  Entre Ríos , on February 26, 1876. He died in Buenos Aires on 11 January 1943.

Married to Ana Encarnación Bernal.

President of the Argentine Nation.


Mandate: 20 February 1932 to 20 February 1938.

  • Treaty with Great Britain on the trade in meat and tariffs (known as the “Roca-Runciman Pact”).
  • Reduction of public expenditure; implementation of fiscal austerity measures.
  • Significant growth of the road network throughout the country, through a tax on naphthas, created for this purpose.
  • Law establishing the legal regime for Intellectual Property.
  • Creation of the National Board of Meats and the National Board of Grains.
  • Peace Treaty to end the Chaco Boreal War, between Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Law on the cessation of work on Saturdays at 5 pm. (“ English Saturday ”).
  • Inauguration of the railway section to  San Carlos de Bariloche .
  • Law on Tax on Reventions.
  • Creation of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.
  • Law approving the construction of the Avenida de Circunvalación in the City of Buenos Aires, later called  General Paz .
  • Strong impetus to public works.
  • Project and construction of numerous hospitals, schools and bridges.
  • Reincorporation of Argentina to the League of Nations.
  • Completion of the casing of Arroyo Maldonado, the widening of Corrientes Street, beginning of the opening of  Avenida 9 de Julio  and inauguration of the  Obelisk .
  • Construction of two lines of underground trains.
  • Creation of national directorates of parks, penal institutes and roads.

  • Interior: Leopoldo Melo Ramon S. Castle. Manuel Ramon Alvarado.
  • HR and Worship: Carlos Saavedra Lamas.
  • War: Manuel A. Rodriguez. Basil Pertine.
  • Marina: Pedro Segundo Casal. Manuel A. Rodriguez. Eleazar Videla.
  • Farm: Alberto Hueyo. Federico Pinedo. Roberto M. Ortiz. Carlos A. Acevedo.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Manuel M. de Iriondo. Ramon S. Castle.
  • Agriculture: Antonio de Tomaso. Luis Duhau. Miguel Angel Carcano.
  • Public Works: Manuel Ramón Alvarado. Eleazar Videla.

Publication Date: 13/09/2019

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