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He's 18 years old, invented special glasses for the blind and gave them to him

The lenses, with sound sensors, recognize nearby objects. The young man carried out the project at his school in Lomas de Zamora.


Rodrigo Facundo Ñañez (18) improved the software of “smart glasses” for people with blindness in order to “do something to help people”.
“ Investigating, I saw that there was a model of glasses, but that it was expensive and didn't work well. What I wanted to do was to reinvent an expensive object to reduce its cost,” explained the student of the Technical Institute Nuestra Señora de Itatí, from Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires.
In this way, Rodrigo developed a prototype of intelligent lenses within the framework of the Digital Systems matter. “What I did was put the ultrasound with shorter cycles, so that the system does not hang,” the young man explained.

How they work

Glasses are specially designed for people with blindness as it alerts the wearer to the presence of an object at a distance of one meter. “When something interrupts the vision of the ultrasound sensor, a soft vibration begins and as the distance shortens, it vibrates even more,” Rodrigo said.
The lenses use power and must be recharged via a USB cable. They work with mobile phone charger, but it has a low consumption and I calculate that with a charge of one hour it serves for a whole day,” he explained.
However, he is still looking for his project to improve: “I am doing the 3D design to print it and pass the model so that everything is hidden,” he confessed and added: “A boy and a bigger man used the glasses, but now I want to print them to give them to them.”

Solidarity without limits

Rodrigo's desire to help and improve the quality of life for other people has no limits and goes beyond a school project to pass a subject. Together with a colleague he has a project that “is a headband that is placed on the head works as a computer mouse and also for the tablet. It's for people with different motor skills,” he said.
But he also has another project for children who have autism spectrum disorder: “We made an app so they can form a prayer. We have to improse it,” he said.

Source: La Voz

Publication Date: 29/01/2019

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