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Gayali vs. Merengo, a duel of titans

Gayalí and Merengo, two emblematic companies of the city of Santa Fe that are equally prestigious and compete in the
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Gayalí y Merengo, dos empresas emblemáticas de la ciudad de Santa Fe
27 November, 2019

Gayalí and Merengo are two Santafecina companies that for years have disputed the podium for making the best alfajores, conitos and rogeles of the city, making their brands a badge of prestige and quality in front of their customers.

Its emblematic confectionery shops marked and currently digital the rhythm of Santafecinasociety, which bring together all those who like their products recognized by society. It was his grandparents, then his parents and now grandchildren, those who enjoy their confectionery yesterday as today.

But no one agrees on which one is the best? And to answer this question it is best to make a little history.

The story

Merengo was founded in 1851, more than 160 years ago, by Hermenegildo Zuviria, who wore the nickname Merengo for the white apron he wore. His story tells that he opened the first bowling alley in the city where he distributed drinks and alfajores located in the streets of Cabildo and San Jerónimo. In 1853, in the same building, while the constituents finished the National Constitution, Hermenegildo cooked alfajores for them. Its traditional alfajor is called Merengo and is recognized as the alfajor santafecino. Today the company is in the hands of the Montemurro family, who bought it and have been running the company for three generations.

On the other hand, Gayalí operates in a confectionery shop called Las Deliciasfounded in 1913 by brothers Guillermo and Miguel Gayá. Since then and until now, the company remains in the hands of its descendants.

Both companies are more than centenary centers of meeting and meeting in Santa Fe, where the past and the present are found in one place, where quality and souvenir are a registered trademark.

Which one’s the best of the two? No one knows, because there are people for every taste and taste for every person. They have to do with traditions, childhood and palate, but no one can deny that, after 100 years, quality and prestige are guaranteed in these companies that are part

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