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Gastón Gori, an illustrious writer

Gori was a writer who was characterized by exposing political and social problems of his people and his region. He received numerous awards.

Art and Literature
Gastón Gori

The province of Santa Fe has a large number of authors who pride themselves on their “little homeland”, among them the writer Gastón Gori is particularly appreciated, not only for the many awards he received, but also because he dedicated his work to his land and to the characters that inhabit it. He was born in Esperanza on 17 November 1915 and died on 17 November 2004. He was a teacher, high school and journalist specializing, for his research, in agrarian matters and in the problems of immigration and the political-social consequences of land appropriation and tenure. In addition to publishing more than 40 books, he was a lecturer, where he did real teaching from the oratory he handled with mastery.

Among his books we can mention While the aurora arrives, In addition it was freckled, El Moro Aracaiquin, La Forestal(of investigation and denunciation), Vagos and poorly entertained(historical, sociological), Eduardo Wilde(which evidences his humanist concern) . They have been translated into several languages.

“ Nothing dies completely, from what has ever been beautiful,” he concludes in his book The Lord of the Picaflores, after stating that “the joy of the birds is an evidence that you look at, it needs no explanation”.

Multi-award winning

Gori received numerous awards and honours, including the following:

  • First Regional Prize for History and Archology of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, 1947
  • First Prize Competition Nac. Sociedad Italiana, 1955, book” La muerte de Antonini”
  • Marcos Sastre Award, for the entirety of his work
  • First Prize Contest “Youth Latinoamericana” for his book “La tierra ajena, drama de la Juventud Agraria Argentina”, 1970
  • Faja de Honour de la Soc. Arg. Writers in
  • Poetry, for his book” Canto a la Ciudad”, 1981
  • Institution Award Anibal Ponce, 1982
  • Academy Award, 1983
  • Grand Prize of Honour Soc. Arg. Writers, 1990
  • Juan de Garay Prize 2003, Sub Secretary of Culture of the Province of Santa Fe

It was also:

  • Citizen Ilustre City of Esperanza, 1990
  • Citizen of the City of Santa Fe, 1990
  • Member of the Provincial Board of Est. Historical, 1991

Publication Date: 15/07/2020

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