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Who teaches teachers?

Teachers have arrogated themselves the power to educate children. But that's the parents' task. Focus on what you have to do, guys.


The  masters  have proved to be a combative and organized guild. One of the toughest. With the  Mauricio Macri government, clearly. Not with the  Peronist governments. Elections are elections. They are free to carry out the policies they believe necessary for their struggle.

There is no doubt that they should be one of the two best-paying professions. Nor can anyone deny that they have been relegated for a hundred years. I think the last time they won properly was in the time of  Sarmiento . They remembered the fight late...

But it doesn't matter. I don't want to go in there. I'm not interested, although it has exciting edges. As for example: Do you ask for sick leave for years because they charge poorly or charge badly because they ask for sick leave for years? Do they do it for a substitute to teach or do the substitutes have to teach because the headlines aren't going? Exciting edges, for a debate that will not be today. But we should give it to us as a society.

Because these people, instruct our children

But from where? From what programs of study? Worse still: from what vision of labour and global integration are the plans intended? I ask why teachers and teachers are sitting at the table that decides these issues.

These people instruct our children, they are supposed to be for the future, but they themselves do not train. In new teaching and methods. That is: from where are they instructed?

And the thing starts to get dirty

Because they are not trained to instruct, but they get into education. It's not the same thing. They shouldn't educate anyone. I know: there are guys that parents don't care about educating. And teachers take that role. Error.

I don't want you to raise my children. That's what I'm for. Instruct them. Prepare them for the knowledge of the future. And nothing else. It's a lot, if you think about it. Almost as much as I do. It's a huge responsibility. But they don't take it. They teach them the rivers of  Europe  and to do mathematical calculations that are done with a calculator. That only time in your life you're going to use it. They are instructed on useless things in the 21st century; they are all on Google.

Yeah, that's it. They want to educate me

And the worst thing is, they don't ask me. In  Santa Cruz , there is a kilombo father with the teachers. The other day, one went out to say that boys prefer to teach them to fight than to learn... Yes. Oh, Clarito. He said that.

Who are the teachers to arrogate the education of my children? Who gave them that power? According to who? Teach them to fight???? We're all crazy. So, then, you have an UBA where politics is practiced. They're not going to learn. They're going to do politics. I don't see that in any advanced country. And for something it will be.

I studied law at UBA in 1981 and 1982. I still remember my impression of the first day. Seeing that he did not enter the University through the doors of the main hall, between the columns. No. He walked in through a side door, leading to a small hall. All full of flags of political groupings. Papers and banners glued on the walls. Guys who had been doing 12 years who were “studying.” It's still like that. And because it's public and free, we pay those of us for not going to study, but to do politics. Why don't you go to the basic units?

Thank you teachers

Let me educate my children. In the fight or not. In what I and Mom think. They pay little. But they don't get paid for that. Focus on preparing them for the world of the future. Something they forgot to do a long time ago.

Publication Date: 07/10/2019

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By: María Cabeza 10 October, 2019

Coincido plenamente . Estoy escribiendo acerca de la educación? en Argentina. Es paupérrima. Enseñar es VOCACIONAL y el maestro debe acompañar a la familia pero su función principal es instruir y hacer pensar a los estudiantes. No están mal pagos, están mal acostumbrados a protestar en vez de ir a clase. Si enseñan por dinero deberían buscar otro trabajo, Yo comencé a enseñar a los 16 años cuando las horas eran de 40 minutos e iba en bondi de escuela en escuela. Por favor! Mis abuelos, maestros también , estarían avergonzados del staff de hoy. Sin generalizar , la gran mayoría no está preparada para estar frente a una clase. Me da tristeza. Excelente nota!

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By: Marielu 27 March, 2021


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