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What Peronism are we talking about when we talk about Peronism?

Everyone calls themselves Peronists and I think Perón must be wandering in the tomb to see what those who claim power did with Peronism.

De qué peronismo hablamos

If there is one thing you can't doubt when we think about Peronism and  Peron,  it's that he was a multifaceted man.

Today when we think about Peronism, are we talking about right-wing Peronism?

Let's review the facts: Perón was one of those military that the Kirchnerists would hate (bah, I don't know; Milani is not far away). Right enough to admire Hitler, Mussolini and Franco (who visited the country during the first presidency of “The General”). Or as if to send to form Triple A, paramilitary force created to kill left-wing people, the product of their obvious enmity with Montoneros, ERP and FAR, who had the last government on him.

Or are we talking about left Peronism? The one who was fighting the capital. Well... combat... what is said to be very successful, was not

Facts: When  Perón  came to his first presidency, the country's big landowners were the same families who are today, 70 years later. He created the CGT, uniting all the unions and there, the workers to power... Oh, don't... Stop... It went wrong (for the people; for him, it came a phenomenon): it turns out that the Argentine CGT is the only one in the world where the workers are not left and the Secretaries General are billionaires.

“The wolf” Augusto Vandor, anti-communist to the teeth, killed in an attack awarded to Rodolfo Walsh. Armando Cabo (whom Evita was entrusted to form workers' militias).

And more here

Rucci, Casildo Herrera (“I don't know anything; I was erased,” he said when he arrived in Uruguay, profugado, just before he disappeared forever in mystery).

Lorenzo Miguel (who ordered his custodian to kill, cut and incinerate in the furnace of the UOM, “The Pole” Dubchack, with whom they fought for the friendship between “El parrot” -Lorenzo - and Montoneros, justito after the massacre of Ezeiza - shooting battle between right and left factions of Peronism to occupy the box near the airport where Perón returned after his  exile  in Spain).

Herminio Iglesias, Saul Ubaldini, Moyano, Micheli, Daer, Yasky.

Are we talking about the peronism of good things?

How to implement laws on  women's voting , working hours and  saturdays  English.

Acts: they were not laws dictated by Peronism; they were laws of socialists in the 1930s, such as Alicia Moreau de Justo, for example. Socialists like Agustín P. Justo, and Hipeolito Yrigoyen. President overthrown by a group of military personnel among whom Perón had an active participation. Crazy: overthrow a president and then puts his laws into practice...

It doesn't matter. The good thing is he put them into practice. Very good

But let's say everything. There were always and will be poor in the country and in every country. The point is that Peronism that defends workers never eradicated poverty. Never in 70 years. They are the political force that ruled the most and we continue with 30% of strucutral  poverty  .

Facts: Evita wore Dior dresses, leather covered and very important jewellery. Perón lived 17 years in Spain and his widow “Isabelita” lives even today, with money from...? Cristina uses a $27,000 Rolex, Louis Vuitton purses of $5,000 (210,000 pesos, to give you an idea), and pearl necklaces from the world's most exclusive house.

But they ruled for the poor. Those who were condemned to illiteracy (“Espadrilles yes; books no”).

I understand people were having a bad time. But promising them paradise, welcoming them in Buenos Aires and making them in misery villages does not seem to be a very effective plan to fight poverty.

I don't want to forget about the metalworking industry, to be fair.

Facts. The Justicialist: an Argentine car brand (based on two models of DKW, if we are going to be fair, let's say everything), which unfortunately, did not occur in mass.

 The Pulqui . One of the first supersonic fighter aircraft in the world, discontinued after a couple of accidents (logical thing in the aeronautics industry; the crap is that they normally end in some death).

The “Pampa” tractor. The electric locomotive “La justicialista”. The motorcycles “PUMA” (Perón Único Argentino President). Textile machinery and household appliances.

All industries that emerged after the Second World War, during the presidency of Peron, from a suggestion from an Aeronautics Brigadier, to use the aircraft factory and talented Cordoba engineers (mixed with engineers  Nazis , escaped from Germany, who were real geniuses of the metal industry).

Let's know why they didn't thrive even during Perón's own presidency. But the truth is that it was a great attempt and it is a pity that all of that only the capacity of national mechanics remains.

We talk about the peronism of Maria Estela Martínez de Perón, José López Rega and Ítalo Luder?

Facts: they drafted and signed the “decree of annihilation of subversion” (their former allies Montoneros, ERP and FAR, by the way).

Or that of Carlos Saul Menem?

Facts: Their right-wing neoliberalism swept domestic industry, and basically SMEs. That of privatization, which left millions of Argentines unemployed. That of the military-trade union pact (led by Lorenzo Miguel and his friend Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera) that turned  Raúl Alfonsín  's government six months before the end of a term?

Perhaps the coup Peronism (third time in Argentine history) of Duhalde.

Facts: The boy drew up the plan to overthrow a man who should never have come to the government, like De La Rua. But he did it with the majority vote, in elections.

Or Duhalde and Lavagna?

Facts: It was the duo that raised to 50% the poverty they came to fight. The one from the remembered “Whoever deposited dollars is going to receive dollars.” The one that then lowered the index to 23%, with a plan by Minister Remes Lenicoff, which was awarded Robertito...

Or the montonero peronism of the Kirchners?

Facts: Human rights (only for ex-terrorists; for the innocent victims of these terrorists and their bombs, and I'm talking about civilians, nothing). The one who was egalitarian only had to allow marriage between beings of the same gender, because he left with 29% poverty. Very national and popular. That's right: former president and her children, officials and gardeners, cooks and entrepreneurs, billionaires.

Stop: it must be the destroyer peronism

Facts: National railway network totally destroyed, for the benefit of the trucker guild. The costs of moving goods and exporting them, to hell, but it doesn't matter.

Public work with 100% surcharges, awarded to a few friends (Lazaro Baez, Cristobal López, Hebe de Bonafini, Milagro Sala), which, on top was never done.

Zero executions of infrastructure works. Consequences: the tragedy of Once (51 dead), the flood of La Plata (90 dead), constant floods in the Province of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe. 70% of Argentines without sewers, running water, mains gas, asphalt streets.

Everybody calls themselves Peronists and I think Perón must be wandling in the tomb when they see them

“The General” invented the big national agreement to return to power in the '70s. Because I remind you that in his first and second presidency, where he came alone (it is a way of saying), he rejected, threatened (“For each of us, five of them will fall”) and marginalized his rivals, turning them into enemies (“For friends, everything; for the enemy, nothing”; it sounds to you from a little ago the phrase?).

I don't think it's the most democratic way to reach a national agreement...

In the '70s, he invented the “agglutinating” people from various currents. And it's perfect.

Today we should try to achieve the dreamed national agreement of “El General”. A great Argentine movement. All together for the same side. We need him like never before. But you have to give conscience among people. Leaving politicians aside.

Because what's wrong is getting together to fanate, become billionaires and people suck an egg on them.

Publication Date: 22/04/2019

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