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Why do we want prisons?

Prisons are necessary, unfortunately. But as they are today, they are useless for almost nothing. We have to change from judges to prisons.


Let's make a little  history . In the beginning,  prisons  were only dungeons where the prisoners awaited their punishment. That he was bodily. And pretty bravo. The idea was to scare them away from delineated again. There was no presumption of innocence.

At some point, this began to humanize. He began to cover the executioners and the prisoners.  Prisons  were taken out of the cities. In the century, 16 accommodations were converted into workhouses. Maybe the beginning of prisons as we know them today. They took the  prisoners  to work and then return to the workhouses. But the  industrial revolution  came and fears were born that prisoners would take their jobs from the workers. And the job for the prisoners is over. Until the modern era, there were no more attempts.

Of resocialization, not to talk

It was never thought of reinserting the prisoner into society. To teach him not to steal, to give him a job out so he can come back like a good man.

I understand there are jets that want to be jets. Choose him to work. Others who do not have the slightest reschemor to kill or rape, for example. The guarantees say that these are because of society... I guess nobody is born bad. And that a guy who rapes or kills a minor, for example, has been very mistreated by his parents. I don't know if for the whole society. I don't think those guys have a chance to resocialize themselves. That everyone should be locked up for life and even apply the  death penalty . It's my vision.

Argentines must have the soul of navigators, because we always go to hell

It is one thing not to stigmatize a prisoner and another to look for him a decent prison, so that he can rethink and resocialize himself. Give him a study and a job out. Teach him to live in society. That would benefit us all.

Another, far away, is paying him a salary so he doesn't do anything. Prison is the same, the oppressive system is the same. But we paid him some money, in the concept of going to know what. Pure demagogy. Hunt for votes. Martian madness.

The first and urgent thing is to do more and better  prisons . More modern. Adapted to surveillance and designed to punish morally, not physically, the prisoner. Let them be worthy places. Then change the mindset of the Prison Service. That's as late as prisons. Suppress this daily contact of guards and prisoners. The guards have to be here to make sure they behave and don't intend to escape. And then educate them, teach them a trade and adapt them to society. Let everyone work on something that serves society, not anything. And be paid for that work, depending on the profits that are made. Not that taxpayers have to pay. It's crazy: I end up paying the one who stole me!

What also needs to be worked in parallel is the issue of the  judiciary . End the great corruption by taking prisoners from lawyers and judges.

If not, it's impossible. Let's throw all the jails down and send the prisoners to an island that can't get out of, and kill each other.

Publication Date: 29/07/2019

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