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We're from Mercury!

We won the Mercury Award from the Argentine Marketing Association. It's the most important prize in the specialty. And we won it in the category of Culture.


And we just won it!

We're excited, of course. Very much. But first thing is to thank all of you. The more than 1 million visitors we have. They read us every day and watch our videos. It's not demagoguy. Really, without you, we wouldn't exist. So the “thank you” go first.

We're proud, too. Not just for winning a big prize . For its institutional quality and for the quality of the juries. But because it was inCulture. Our effort is just beginning to be seen. It's a very good start. Our mission as a means is to make a contribution to the country. From the cultural, of course.

But Culture is all

We're not a media outlet. We intend to be a means to make a contribution. Let him leave something. That is why we are optimistic and positive in our content. That's why we even look for a good side to the bad. We love having notes on successful Argentines . Those that contribute to society and the world. There are many of us.

We Argentines are from Mercury

We just need to grow up a little. Sure, we're still a young country. And that has its virtues and flaws. But good. We try to make our contribution. Little boy. Humble. But contribute. We want to help everyone become a better country. You can always get better.

With the prize, someone noticed. He heard us. What we said in our presentation is that we are a medium that tries to tell everything about our country, but from emotion. Not from the information just. Because we are a country with emotions on the skin. Like no other.

Mercury confirms we're right. That even though we complain, this is the best country in the world. And that it's a pride to be Argentine!

Publication Date: 23/11/2019

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By: Mauro Jacobo 23 November, 2019

La mejor nota, lejos! MJ

By: Miguel 23 November, 2019


By: Ricardo 23 November, 2019

Excelente. Merecido !!!!

By: JO 01 December, 2019


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