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We are kindergarten

The President of the Nation makes a tremendous denunciation, but we look at the form instead of content. We're no means of any kind of balls.

Niña conduciendo

On  Flag Day, the President chose to go to the cradle of it,  Rosario , but to a kindergarten. There he gave a speech, as expected.

 He made a tremendous complaint:  the trucker mafia ruins the country's progress.

The explanation is that more than 90% of the cargo transport in the country is done through trucks. They set the price of the transfer. In addition, logically, it is more expensive to dispatch 30 trucks than a single freight train. That makes costs more expensive for both the domestic and external markets. It influences more than 25% on them.

Is it a lot?  A lot . We are the most expensive country in Latin America in transport. We're almost outside the export of commodities. Logical.

Are they bad?  Malism . Do not export, it is less work for Argentines, in the chain of each non-exported product. Having more expensive costs influences the price of things in the domestic market. Less the market develops, less work. There's no way to progress.

We are not going to go into much detail, but the dismantling of freight trains began with the reign of  Charles Saul I . And it deepened to spatial levels with  Cristina  I of Tolosa. Would you say the transfer of trains to trucks was a corrupt process? Naaaah... Or think about it. It's just that we were so competitively superior, that we decided to increase costs for the sake of other countries. What's more, why export to the world (7.5 billion inhabitants) if we are 40 million here? It's enough for us and there's plenty of us.

Donkeys or bastards. There's no other left. They screwed up on the people they claim to defend.

Now, the discussion in the media is whether the President should have said such a thing in a kindergarten. Maybe it wasn't the best place. But the 40 boys there were, he didn't show them pictures of their parents taking. They're not going to traumate for a minute knowing that the Moyanos are one of the worst mafias in the country.

The discussion about the place where he did it is kindergarten, salita"Wormworm”.

We're so mediocre that when they attack us, we fight back. And normally, with something nothing to do with. What is appropriate is to review our own faults. The other's, too. But let's start at home.

We never look at what's important in a proposal. The guy's talking about a perverse mafia that screwed up the work of millions of Argentines. But we nagañañeas like 3-year-old children. “You pulled out my tongue!” “No! You took out my tongue!” Then we tear our garments because this is a crap country to live in. Let's stop screwing at once! Let's grow up!

Publication Date: 24/06/2019

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