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Welcome to rationality

Rationality must be part of our daily lives. We must add it to our passion. For the country. For us.
La racionalidad debe ser parte de nuestra vida cotidiana.
| 31 October, 2019 |

Great Argentina welcomes rationality.

Is it possible that we are in the presence of a new phenomenon?

What if we join in our hearts, putting our dear Patri ahead ..

As you should know, if you are looking for a political opinion, it is difficult to find it on serargentino.com. And not because we’re not interested. Nor because we are cold or do not fulfill our civic role. In fact, we all think differently here. But we understand that our nation is always ahead. Respecting democracy above all.

Today will be no exception. We have a very close commitment to our readers . And if the crack is a reason to divide us, because forget that we think with ideology .

What is worth addressing, is this new path that seeks to show common sense, a lot of rationality and a desire for it to go well. We deserve it.

Let’s celebrate a democratichandover. Let us thank President Mauricio Macri . And let’s welcome the elected President , Mr. Alberto Fernandez – Yeah . Let us support this new initiative based on coherence, respect and education. Regardless of the partisan color. Let’s not forget they’re people. They make mistakes like each of us. But we must understand that they try to do the best, for and for us.

We have a difficult path to go and we have always come forward. I hope it’s definitely this time. That there is a need for consistency, conciliation, balance. And from now on, the world sees us big. Let us rescue the good of this management and correct everything that has remained outstanding.

Argentinas,Argentinos: welcome rationality. Let us put aside the rift and join forces for this beautiful country to emerge. As we always dream.

Cheers and work!

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