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Welcome the rationality

Rationality must be part of our daily lives. We must add it to our passion. By the country. For us. And our future.


 The big Argentina welcomes you to rationality. 

Is it that we are in the presence of a  new phenomenon ?

 What if we heartily unite, putting our dear Patri ahead?.. 

As you should already know, if you are looking for a  political opinion , it is difficult to find it on . And not because we're not interested. Neither because we're cold or not fulfilling our citizen role. Actually here, we all think differently. But we understand that  our  nation   is always ahead. Respecting   democracy   above all.

Today will not be the exception. We have a very close  commitment  to  our readers  . And if  the  crack   is reason to divide us, then forget that we think ideologically.

What is worth addressing is this new path that seeks to show common sense, a lot of  rationality  and the desire for us to do well. We deserve it.

Let's celebrate a  democratic transfer. Let us thank  President    Mauricio Macri   . And let us warmly welcome the  elected President    Alberto Fernandez  . Let us support this new initiative based on coherence, respect and   education  . No matter the party color. Let's not forget they're people. They make mistakes like each of us. But we must understand that they try to do their best, for and for us.

We have a hard way to go and we've always got ahead. Hopefully this time it will be definitively. That is the prime of coherence, reconciliation, balance. And from here on,  the world will see us great . Let's rescue the good of this management and correct everything that has remained pending.

 Argentines , Argentines : welcome rationality. Let's put aside  the crack  and join forces so that this  beautiful country  emerges. Like we always dream.

Cheers and get to work!

Publication Date: 31/10/2019

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