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We have a Cordo-Japanese Government

If we do not return to the culture of respect, the country will remain unfeasible. And the government has to and is promoting that return.


Now, the  government  is Cordo-Japanese. I explain.

It gives me a lot of pity when I walk through the neighborhood and the people on the block don't say hello. It gives me a lot of, very hard when I walk in or out of somewhere, hold the door to a woman or old person and they don't thank me. The same thing when I let another car in front of me, when it doesn't belong to it. Or a pedestrian crossing red. I hate when in a trade shop they don't give me the money or the card ticket in my hand, and they leave it on the counter. When the seller doesn't respond to my “Good day.” I hate them.

 It would be so much better, even for oneself, to be polite and polite 

Like we'd start a  virtuous circle,  where the good vibe goes and goes back. You can have a bad day and no desire to smile at a stranger, but it would do good for you and the stranger. Of course, it costs a little more than putting upite face; how to do things right. Until you get used to it. We'd get used to it quickly. Believe me.

 These customs are being lost even in the villages 

That pretty thing about people who go into a bowling and say hello to everyone, own and outsiders. It was many decades of degrading education and good manners. To exalt the vulgar as virtue. We should recover that thing similar to joy, for our own good, more than anything.

To close, I tell you about the people of  Talleres de Córdoba , when they play as a visitor

He leaves the locker room leaving him in the same conditions of order and cleanliness in which they found it. Impeccable. No waste or rubbish outside the cowl. They even leave a thank you note for the hospitality. They do this in all divisions, go wherever they go. A  respect  that should not be a coincidence that emanates from an  interior  club. The Japanese do the same when they retire from the stadium. They take their garbage and they're picking up what others left behind.  Another town with a huge culture of respect .

Undoubtedly, the Government has made many  errors in economic terms  (the vast majority were inevitable, because of the dead they received), but if there is something it is doing very well is to revalue respect for the other, for dissent, for the institutions, for the  truth  . And this is a must. It is impossible to rebuild a society torn down by  corruption ,  drug trafficking , political  clientelism and  subjugation ,  tightening ,  denigration of the opponent, if we don't start with respect. And it would be very good if all the governors, mayors, deputies and senators imitated the Cordobese or the Japanese a little, beyond having fernet or eating sushi.

Publication Date: 25/03/2019

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