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We didn’t understand anything.

We didn't understand anything about coexistence and its basic rules. Like respect before the law. Then we demand it when
Respeto ante la ley
05 November, 2019

The other day I saw a video from a street security camera. I imagine, because of the landscape, it must be of the Buenos Airesconurbation. But it might as well be from anywhere else. A young man on a moped kicks a trafficsurveillance camera. He’s throwing it to hell. Maybe he broke it. And flee, victorious, of course. We didn’t understand anything. Nothing at all.

Inside the boys go hunting. And when there’s nothing to point at, they fill the road signs with holes.

How many quartermen, councilors and commissars believe themselves to be able to be above the law? I have an acquaintance who, in one of those weird road traffic jams, had no better idea than to get out of the dock. Well, yes, he had a better one. Invoke that he was carrying the barbecue for the sheriff in the trunk, when the walker stopped him. Dare the man. But he lied so confidently that, together with fear of possibility, they let him pass.

We’re rebellious before the law. There’s no case. We didn’t understand anything.

You can’t live in a country by disobeying the law. We think so . It’s all right. Well, you know that, for example, we are the 8th most fatalities country in traffic accidents in the world. It’s about 7,000 dead a year . And I don’t want to think about how much they’re mutilated or paralyzed for life. There’s no data on them.

When we don’t respect the law, things happen. In Buenos Aires we are fed up with demonstrations, for example . Luckily, inside, these things don’t happen. Guys sometimes, they get violent. Stones to the police, etc. Now, the police respond with the same tone of aggression, and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has already come out to say “gansadas”. Cops aren’t human?

It’s just an example. It’s the beginning of the corruption of things. Then we ended up with a judge

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