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The Pride of Being Argentine

The Jury of the Argentine Marketing Association will define the winners of the most important marketing award in Argentina. We
21 November, 2019

Let’s go for the Mercury Award!

Today is not another day. Our team dawned anxious, expectant and excited. Well, the honorable Jury of the Argentine Marketing Association, will define tonight the winners of the most important marketingaward in Argentina.

Hundreds of major brands companies are presented in pursuit of distinction. Long days since May 2019 to evaluate performance and success case. They raise a jury of notable men. And the audit by specialists who guarantee a very professional process to reach the result.

Mariano Fernandez Madero, Director of the AAM and author of“The emerald oceans of marketing” will lead at the venue Events Costanera. Like every year. A gala that takes 37 editions. And a prestige that exalts the good practices of local marketing .

Proud for the presentation that our team made, back in August of the current. We feel, thanks to the warm applause and emotion of a jury related to our cause, the union and the sense of belonging, that we have already achieved our goal. That extended embrace that fills us with energy to move forward.

That is not why we absolve ourselves from the great responsibility of facing a moment that can be unforgettable. Share the achievement with the entire team and a room with more than 400 people. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, agencies, media. And the press, which keeps subjecting us to the challenging moment when the winner is… knowing a very difficult competition. In which we have given our best for the conquest. Of which we already feel winners for the mere fact of being, being and participating.

We do this with a lot of love. Trusting in the recognition of people, which makes development sustainable. But obviously, the pleasure and joy of this call is a caress to the soul. And not a cluster of self-centeredness. This allows us to confirm that the course chosen is correct.

We would like to thank you for this enormous privilege. Remember each and every one of those who are part of this great family. Consisting of columns, editors, correspondents and suppliers. That makes it possible for us to arrive every day with hundreds of stories from every corner of the country. To become, in a very short time, the most influential socio-cultural reference in the region. Concentrating ten thousand notes of online content on argentinity.

From the noblest commitment to us

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