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The parable of “the 10"

We are or believe “the 10" team. The one who has the talent left over and doesn't have to train. The one who likes screwing. And that hell is the one that doesn't ruin.

La parábola

If the Argentines were a person, we'd be “the 10" promise of local football. More enlarged than talented. More trick than smart. I lazy to train; total, there's plenty of us.

The one that dazzles on the court, for a while. He who stays on the great promise. That we imagined a genius, because it almost never checks it. Of course: “they say” “those who know” that in training breaks it.

We're that lantern boy, who buys the convertible before  the house . The one who, between the parents and the representative, is married so that he feels head. Because “the 10" lives from joda to joda. But they marry him to a vedette. And the vedette gets him in the drug. So, instead of leaving the hell, the poor boy increases it. He doesn't even want to go to training anymore, how little he was going. They leave him free from the great club first and look for another, promotion. Of which they also leave him free, because even panzón is, both  chori  and  beer . But one day he meets a girl who isn't from the neighborhood. It's from downtown. She really wants him and gets him to get him in shape and get him to train again. Then the boy, he shines on the C team that got him. But like the scorpion, where he grabs a handle again, where journalists recognize him a little, he slices from the house and returns to the screw. Because training bores him. It happens that “the 10" has the damn in the DNA.

Argentines, from 1950 until today, had 14  crises . We are second, behind the Congo. 14 crises that account for  30 per cent  of our day.

How can it be that a culturally prepared village, with rich soil wherever you look at it, from  north  to  south  , fail to return to be the power that ever was? I mean: it's not crazy to raise; we already were!

Like “the 10th,” the day we leave the screw and get to work, maybe it happens. Not before. But we're like a two-year-old who doesn't want to go to sleep. The thing is, we're not 2 years old. We're going to life and we're still raffling opportunities. Just for not learning from our mistakes.

Publication Date: 16/08/2019

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