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The parable of “the 10″

We are or believe ourselves “the 10" of the team. The one who has enough talent and doesn't have to
Somos o nos creemos
| 16 August, 2019 |

If we Argentines were a person, we would be “the 10″, the promise of local football. More enlarged than talented. You’re smarter than smart. I am lazy to train; total, we have plenty.

The one that dazzles on the court for a while. The one who stays on the great promise. That we imagine a genius, because he hardly ever checks it. That’s right: “they say” “those who know” that during training breaks it.

We’re that bluff boy, who buys the convertible before the house. The one who, between the parents and the representative, gets married so that he can feel his head. Because “the 10″ lives from joda to joda. But they marry him to a vedette. And the vedette puts him in the dope. So instead of giving up the joda, the poor kid increases it. He doesn’t even want to go to training anymore, how little he was going. He’s released from the big top club, and he’s looking for another one, promotion. From which they also let him free, for he is even panzón, of so much chori and beer. But one day he meets a girl who’s not from the neighborhood. It’s downtown. She really wants him and gets him to get in shape and get him to train again. So the boy, he shines on the C team they got him. But like the scorpion, where he grabs a handle again, where journalists recognize him a little, he slips out of the house and goes back to hell. Because training bores him. It happens that “the 10″ has the screw in the DNA.

Argentines, from 1950 to today, passed 14 crises. We are second, behind the Congo. 14 crises representing 30% of our days.

How can it be that a culturally prepared village, with a rich soil where you look at it, from north to South, I can’t get back to being the power I once was? I mean, it’s not crazy to raise; we already were!

Like “the 10″, the day we leave the mess and get to work, it might happen. Not before. But we’re like a two-year-old who doesn’t want to go to sleep. The thing is, we’re not two years old. We’re out of life and we’re still raftin’ opportunities. Just for not learning from our mistakes.

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