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The most boludos on the continent?

The government continues with the immigration policy of Kirchnerism. We look like boludos paying pensions to people who don't live here, among other things.

Someday I will dedicate the Editorial to that detestable custom that Argentine rulers have of destroying everything the previous one did. Now, I'm not even going to get into the subject.

If there is something I don't understand is why the   Cambiemos   government continues with the policy of   Kirchnerism   for immigration.

I'm going to make it clear that I don't know whether they sent any law to Congress or not, about it. Yeah, I remember they revoked citizenship to a couple thousand Paraguayans who declared to live in Formosa when they didn't. I also know that more cases of citizenship trout are being reviewed. Which I look perfect.

But there is something that bothers me a lot and is that both health and education are free for foreigners. I think it's crazy, smooth and plain. What would be the reason to bank studies and health to citizens of other countries? Education is not serious; the state education system is generally very good.

The health thing is tremendous. In both the northern provinces and in Buenos Aires, the state system is collapsed. It is inconceivable to care for a foreigner, who may be depriving an Argentine bed.

The only reason is the hippocratic, humanitarian, of caring for someone who is in danger of death. Once rescued, in treatment or not, to his country. Direct. Get out.

It is not about being the most boludos on the continent or not. It's about being honest with us; that our rulers are not  populist  and think once of the people. At least, in health, it is something essential.

And the same with work. A foreigner who does not work, can not stay for more than three months in the country, or has to make a revalid procedure and justify that he can economically stay in the country. If not, get outside.

It is not that there is no work; on the one hand, there are many jobs that we Argentines are not willing to do. On the other hand, it is easier to live on a plan, albeit much less worthy and solid towards the future. And there is also the issue that foreigners agree to work in black.

It's not going anymore. It shouldn't be that hard to order all this. I guess what's complicated is when they have children in the country. You can't deport an Argentinean. But bringing a child into the world usually demands more than seven months. More than enough time to detect an illegal person and deport him. Amen, I don't think many of them arrive in the country and get pregnant the next day... although with these laws, I wouldn't be surprised.

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