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The idiocy of public works

Idiocy may turn out to be a little strong term, but there are certain questions that admit but derogatory qualifiers.

La idiotez de la obra pública

“Idiocy” is the word. Excuse me.

We came from a reality where public works were charged but not done. The  State  did not claim or execute anything, in  open complicity with the criminals . And I don't mean just the previous government.

We are in a country where  70% of the inhabitants have no sewer or  drinking water  . Where dirt streets that turn into mud with rains, are the most common thing there is.

And where cities and fields are flooded alike, causing millions of deaths and losses of goods and crops.

If we add up the state of the routes, the railroad branches and the power grid, it's crazy. The  country  's infrastructure is devastated. It's more than 70 years of not doing works. The damage to progress is of a huge magnitude.

He's like a teenager marathon who always has to run with the same shoes. It's obviously not going to go far.

 How can a country grow like this?  The answer is obvious: it's idiocy that doesn't even give to think about it. That is precisely what happens to us.

There is no way to grow without electricity for industries. Even if they give it to you, if the network doesn't grow, it doesn't serve the country. And in the long run, neither do we.

How can you advance without freight trains? Modern ports. Routes without wells. Technology in modern communications.

Without infrastructure there is no progress. No progress is hungry

Now, this  government , coincidentally led by an Engineer, has public works as a pillar of development and exit from the crisis.

 And there's a manga of morados that says, “With sewers you don't eat... Asphalt is not eaten...” The most beautiful thing is that they post it on networks from a high-end cell phone...  But that's flour from another sack. There are also a lot of sensible people, who are never going to poop into a well again thanks to public works, who are going on terrible, but who still value the change in their lives that progress causes them.

Do you need to spend on public works when people pass needs?

The pose is a tremendous idiocy. Obviously it is necessary!

Drinking water, sewers and treatment plants bring more health and savings in medicine. Electric power brings more industrial activity and jobs. Efficient and economical transport of goods brings more exports, more labor and cheaper goods to the local market. Waterworks prevent flooding, death and loss of property, usually by low-income people, who cannot replenish them. So, public works, actually, saves people money.

But that is not the most important thing; although it is very important.

And this is when the question of whether it's good becomes a bigger idiocy. Public works create immediate employment for people who need it most. It also generates employment for suppliers. Of materials. From machinery. Vehicles. And work clothes. Industries are moving. To the warehouses in the neighborhood where workers and technicians buy sandwich and  coke  at lunch, they move. So, it sells more bread and more Coca. Also lottery houses and service stationsAnd public transport in which operators move.

 The country is getting started with public works . From below. Where it's from. It's idiocy not to see it. It's, no more, no less, the Marshal Plan. The one that pulled the United States out of one of the deepest depressions in world economic history. Finally, once we imitated something very good.

Publication Date: 10/06/2019

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