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We tell you who won the awards during the month of February. What are you waiting for to participate?

Ser argentino

It sounds like a phrase made, but it's very true: without our readers we would be nothing.  started as a dream and, little by little, became a reality. In these almost three years we have been  growing , slow but firm, and today we already have our own readers, who come every day to find out what we have to tell them, always from a  positive and federal perspective , different from other media, which makes us feel that — despite everything — Argentines have many things to be proud of our country and our people.

Therefore, starting in February  we decided to recognize those who support us in this project . We begin  to reward our readers , those who are involved, who participate, who give us their feedback. And, as promised is debt, we already have the first  winners . Do you want to know who they are?

The winners of February

They are the ones  who read all the notes, the ones who commented them, the ones who scored them.   Those who found out everything that happens from end to end of the  country , in every corner, in every town. Those who read stories of goblins and ghosts, solidarity hearts, outstanding athletes, emerging musicians. Those who learned about history, how we talk in each province, about our customs and traditions.

To them goes our infinite thanks and, also, the following awards:

 First prize: Bag set matero 

The first prize was for the user with the highest score and the winner was...  Clau Pas!   Congratulations!

 Second prize: T-shirt Ser Argentino 

For the second prize, we raffled two shirts among the four users who were still in the ranking. The lucky ones were  Milena and DelSal . Congratulations to them!

We already contacted them to move on to look for their prize from our offices.

Do you want to win too?

Our proposal continues! If you want to be the next winner, start participating as soon as possible! It's very easy: you just have to  register for free on our site.   There you're already in the race. Then, if your profile is complete, add more points. How can you continue to climb in the ranking?  Commenting and scoring the notes!   The more you comment and the more you interact with our authors, the more chances you are going to have to reach the top of the table. And there's one more trick...  you can write yourself too!  

At  we really value the contribution of our readers. That is why everyone has the door open to participate in our site and add articles of their authorship. If you want to write a  Reader's Note , in addition to your article going to many people, add more points to win next month's prize.

The sooner you start, the more chances you will have to score points and earn some of our prizes. But keep an eye out: communications are going to be through your private message box at . Don't miss it!

Pass by our store

And there is one more secret... In , in addition to articles on the most diverse topics that have in common the wonders of Argentina and Argentines, we also have a  online store  where you can find everything from tourist experiences to local products to give or give yourself a gift.

You're wondering what all this has to do with readers awards, aren't you? Yeah, you guessed! If you stop by our online store and tempt yourself with something,  also score points!   Shut up everywhere, right?

Don't wait any longer:  sign up and start smarting points today.   Rate our notes, comment on them, and if you encourage yourself, I wrote one yourself. You're going to become an expert in our country and, by the way, you're getting a prize.

Good luck!

Publication Date: 03/03/2021

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