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To know or not to know

| 04 April, 2020 |

The death of Deborah Perez Volpin shook me up. Ridiculous? Maybe. “Maybe,” because we don’t know. We don’t know if she was sick before, if she died from anesthesia or endoscopic malpractice, or whatever.

We don’t know about Débora, Maldonado, ARA San Juan, Nismann, the AMIA and the embassy, Maria Cash, a thousand things. Literally. And it’s tremendous not to know.

We have the problem of not knowing since the first foundation of Buenos Aires, back in 1536. It is not known if Pedro de Mendoza came to found a city, or just a fort. And like this. Review every milestone in our history.

We don’t know if they really wanted to become independent from Spain in 1810 or if they only wanted to deny the Viceroy. We don’t know if San Martin crossed the Andes sick, on a mule, or on a white steed.

After the colonizers, who did not know if they were coming to stay or to plunder, came the second immigration, from the National Constitution of 1853. And then the third, which filled us with’tanos’,’gallegos’, Germans, Poles and even Welsh, the product of the world wars and famine.

Now we have the fourth, dominated by Bolivians, Peruvians, Chileans, Colombians and Venezuelans.

Let’s understand, then, the immigrant world, to understand us: you come to a country, often without even speaking the language. In the best of cases (the least), with a relative or friend previously installed. No money, I’m sure. Leaving behind an occupation you don’t know if you will be able to repeat, or what you will eat. Not only what you are going to eat, but also how you are going to buy it…. What will become of the family you leave behind. If you’re ever gonna come back…. You don’t know anything about the ones you come across on the street. Where you’re going to sleep as soon as they let you out of the Immigrant Hotel. On top of that, you’re either hungry or dead or both. Not happy at all.

That’s all in our DNA. Fresh. Alive. How can we not be the unpredictable country that foreign investors deny? How can we not change course every time we change government? How are we going to have solid rules of the game?

It’s difficult. But we better grow up soon. That we become predictable, stable, reliable. That we know how to see the good in him who left and keep him. Follow him. Develop it. Deepen it. To harmonize it with the new. May we shine by our merit and not by detracting from the former.

We have no choice but to reflect, learn and grow as a society if we want to be the country we believe ourselves to be.

Otherwise, we are not very different from those who seem to have come down the Bering Strait, from Siberia to Alaska and back here, more than 15,000 years ago. Looks like. It’s not known.

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